There are people in the world.
Guess what? We are all different.

Together, we can and will beat bullying.

Our message is clear: It doesn't matter if you're white, black, gay, straight, asexual, disabled, skinny, curvy, old, young, interested in sports, work in a salon or feel good in drag - we think that you are amazing. Things like the colour of your skin, your sexuality, appearance, interests or disability should not define you. Together we can and will reduce the prominence and harmful effects of bullying within the UK's education system.

Welcome to Ditch the Label - we are one of the UK's largest and most ambitious anti-bullying charities. Our award-winning work spans across the UK with schools, colleges, young people, parents and organisations towards our objective of helping to combat bullying and to promote the importance of equality and diversity.

Our own independent research of over 3,600 UK students suggests that up to a half of young people will experience bullying before their 18th birthday - this isn't cool.

Together, we can promote the fact that it's okay to be different and can empower young people into overcoming bullies and counteract the negative effects that bullying can cause. According to our Annual Bullying Survey 2014 - 30% of victims consider self harm as their only escape route and 10% have had a failed suicide attempt as a result.

1. We produce groundbreaking and innovative research that is free and accessible to everybody
2. We develop innovative anti-bullying campaigns for schools and colleges
3. We operate the largest online peer-to-peer support community in the world
4. We provide skill-based workshops for local youths
5. We provide advice and features with role models
6. We utilise the power of mainstream and social media to raise awareness about the issue of equality and diversity

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