Welcome to Ditch the Label

Did you know that 69% of young people in the UK experience bullying before the age of 18? Over 2.5 million youths are bullied each year and 550,547 are bullied every single day. Do you think that is acceptable?

We are an ambitious and energetic team of adults and teens working with schools, colleges, youths and parents from across the UK to help reduce the prominence and harmful effect of bullying within the UK’s education system.

We currently operate our own peer-to-peer online support community which has over 34,000 members worldwide. We also work closely with schools and colleges to help them better understand and manage bullying within their communities. In the near future we are hoping to do even more outreach with minority communities and would like to launch our own professional online counselling service, accessible to British youths.

Launched in 2012, our anti-bullying charity is slightly different to what you may expect because we believe that it is important to engage with youths at their level. Our brand messages are incredibly important because they empower, inspire and educate not only the victims of bullying but also the bullies themselves towards our strong ethos for equality and inclusion. Registered charity no. 1156329.

Ditch the Label is also a core member of the Anti-Bullying Alliance.

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