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Get the latest UK bullying statistics and reports for free from Ditch the Label: one of the UK’s leading anti-bullying charities. Our statistical analysis covers a whole plethora of bullying related trends, behaviours and attitudes.

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  • The Annual Bullying Survey

    The Annual Bullying Survey is our flagship study of bullying and associated behaviours, produced in collaboration with schools and colleges from across the United Kingdom on an annual basis. Approximately 70% of our survey features the same questions so that we are able to measure long-term trends and shifts in behaviours and attitudes. We reserve the remaining 30% for research on a specific topic. [r][es][l]

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  • The Gender Report 2016

    This research covers the topic of gender and how it can enable and disable young people aged 13-25 throughout the United Kingdom and internationally. We were particularly interested in the definition of gender, gender roles and the bullying and discrimination young people experience as a result of not conforming to societal standards. [r][es][l][in]

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  • The Wireless Report

    The majority of young people now have instant access to smartphone technology which poses significant risks in terms of monitoring, tracking and resolving cyber bullying and abuse. This report is based on research from over 2,700 teenagers and explores cyber bullying on smartphones, sexting and the impacts thereof. [r][es][l]

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  • The Cyberbullying Survey 2013

    Taken from research of over 10,000 teens, our cyber bullying research is the largest body of research in the world that focuses solely on the issue of cyber bullying. We identify new and existing cyber bullying trends and behaviours. In addition, we were able to rank the leading social networks in terms of the abuse experienced on the platforms. Includes recommendations. [r][es][l]

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