Bullying Support for Teens

Did you know that 7 in 10 young people are bullied before the age of 18? If you are being bullied, you absolutely are not alone – more people are going through something similar than you may think.

Congratulations. You are already on the right track. On this page, you will find useful advice guides, tips and support contacts that you can utilise to help you get through bullying. First things first, who have you told? It is incredibly important that you speak with somebody that you trust: this could be a family member, teacher, a friend or the school counsellor. If you don’t tell anybody, the problem can escalate in your mind and become much more troubling and difficult to overcome. Not only does telling somebody help relieve some of the tension and build up, but it also documents evidence of what is happening.

Did you know that in the UK, bullying is a criminal offence? If you, or somebody that you know is in immediate danger, you must contact the Police as soon as possible. You can call 999 for emergencies or 112 for non-emergencies.

Advice Guides