College and School Interventions

Are you aware of particular bullying problem in your school or college?

We provide a range of interventions aimed at tackling prejudice-based bullying; promoting equality and raising awareness of bullying related issues. These include:

  • Cyberbullying Awareness
  • Disability Equality
  • Sexuality and Homophobia
  • Race and Racism
  • Cultural Identity
  • Religion
  • Gender Identity, Gender Roles and Sexism
  • Appearance
  • Interests


Aimed at all students, the interventions challenge prejudice and relate wider societal discrimination to bullying behavior in the school or college community. Students become more socially aware, analytical, think more critically and are encouraged to respect the differences between people.

Furthermore, interventions are designed to aid educational establishments in reaching OFSTED requirements of ensuring a safe environment in which young people respect one another and are free from harassment and bullying. This includes cyberbullying and prejudice based bullying as stated in the Equality Act 2010 for schools. The interventions demonstrate that your school is striving to promote such an environment by taking a proactive approach to eliminating bullying.

What is included?

Materials for presentation, in-class activities and project ideas. We also include a pre and post intervention online surveys that not only measure the increase in students’ existing knowledge on the intervention topic but also gauge change in social attitudes.

Which interventions do we need?

As part of the process, we will arrange a consultation with your management to discuss any particular issues in your school or college. We will also request to see copies of your OFSTED report and any information that you have on demographic profiles within your environment. We can also additionally tie in a data extrapolation service called ‘The Route of Bullying’ within your pre-intervention survey. Using this tool, we are able to extrapolate data to identify which demographic groups are most susceptible to bullying within your school or college. Many establishments choose to start with one or two strategies simultaneously and then look to further develop their interventions with more at a later date.

How successful are the interventions?

Our interventions have a high, measurable success rate and in all instances have reduced bullying and positively impacted the motion of equality amongst participating students.

“The material provided by Ditch The Label was extremely engaging, original and user friendly. Our pastoral teams were able to use it effectively in their PSHE programmes. The students were able to reflect and engage in mature discussions and develop these into projects. The work that they achieved will have, positive, long- term effects for our school. The Pre Intervention Survey Analysis provided was extremely informative and useful to our Pastoral Leaders, Form tutors and Senior team. It enabled us to initiate plans for future school practices, procedures and PSHE content for the coming terms. It has also formed a part of our SEF, which is an essential part of our School’s evolution.”

– Mr R Alleyne Inclusion Manager The UCL Academy London

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