For Parents

What is Ditch the Label?

Ditch the Label is a not-for-profit organisation promoting positive messages of equality and discouraging discrimination on the basis of hate crime such as racism, homophobia, sexism and ageism. We essentially act as a hub of information and support network for vulnerable teens and adults of whom have been negatively impacted from discriminative crimes and bullying; whether in school, the workplace or at home.

What is DitchWorld?

DitchWorld is a fully moderated social network exclusive to Ditch the Label supporters. The network acts as a support network as we invite members to share advice, tips and stories with others worldwide. Users are also welcome to create their own public personal profile and post topics on a wider range of subjects and personal interests. The network is moderated by a team of fully trained moderators and counsellors and any content that is deemed inappropriate (including but not limited to: sexually explicit, illegal, offensive, hateful, suicidal and drugs) are removed and if applicable reported to relevant authorities. Ditch the Label is however unable to accept legal liability for content provided on any part of the website which also includes DitchWorld. Please be advised that your childs’ safety is our first priority and we work hard to ensure that all content is appropriate and safe. We advise that you supervise your child when using the DitchWorld network should you have any concerns.

How can I get involved with the campaign?

We are often thanked by parents of whom have been touched by our campaign or the support provided to their children when going through a difficult time. If you would like to somehow become involved, please do contact us.

How do I get in contact with you or learn more?

Click here to email us.