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  • Research

    Bullying is complex in that the nature and platforms are constantly changing in response to behavioural and attitudinal shifts of young people and society. This is why we produce world leading research to help schools and colleges better understand the strengths and weaknesses of their environment and internal culture.

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  • Interventions

    Once we have worked with you in building up a picture of the current climate of diversity and inclusion within your school or college, we are able to create tailor-made interventions designed to tackle specific areas of prejudice and bullying that exist within your community. Examples of issues include: Racism, homohate and appearance-based bullying.

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  • Training

    Each year, we invest significantly into the development of new interventions and support materials. From this, we develop specific areas of best practice, of which we are happy to share within your organisation. Examples of training packs include perpetrator-orientated approaches, cyber bullying and sexting and stigma-free mental health.

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Why us?

Welcome to Ditch the Label - we are one of the UK's largest and most ambitious anti-bullying charities. Our award-winning work spans across the UK with schools, colleges, young people, parents and organisations towards our objective of helping combat bullying and promote the importance of equality and diversity. In our own independent research, we found that up to 7 in 10 young people still experience bullying and of the 55% who report it, satisfaction in the support provided within schools and colleges is currently low.

As an industry thought leader, innovation is at the core of all of our work. We are constantly researching and developing new methodologies of dealing with bullying and stand firmly against the regurgitation of old, ineffective interventions. We experience a high response rate and engagement level from young people and the most common adjectives that they use to describe the Ditch the Label brand is "cool", "empowering", "young" and "approachable".

We work extensively with young people aged 13+ and stakeholders to ensure that our interventions and education materials are as relevant and effective as possible. The issue of bullying has been a long-standing one and we believe that it can be completely eradicated.


  • The Annual Bullying Survey

    The Annual Bullying Survey is our flagship study of bullying and associated behaviours, produced in collaboration with schools and colleges from across the United Kingdom on an annual basis. Approximately 70% of our survey features the same questions so that we are able to measure long-term trends and shifts in behaviours and attitudes. We reserve the remaining 30% for research on a specific topic. [r][es][l]

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  • The Wireless Report

    The majority of young people now have instant access to smartphone technology which poses significant risks in terms of monitoring, tracking and resolving cyber bullying and abuse. This report is based on research from over 2,700 teenagers and explores cyber bullying on smartphones, sexting and the impacts thereof. [r][es][l]

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  • The Cyberbullying Survey 2013

    Taken from research of over 10,000 teens, our cyber bullying research is the largest body of research in the world that focuses solely on the issue of cyber bullying. We identify new and existing cyber bullying trends and behaviours. In addition, we were able to rank the leading social networks in terms of the abuse experienced on the platforms. Includes recommendations. [r][es][l]

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