Welcome to the UK’s Most Ambitious
Anti-Bullying Charity


With your support, we can make British schools and colleges bully free and can provide much needed support to the vulnerable youths who have fallen victim to bullies and playground taunts. Bullying is not and should not ever be a factor of growing up and it goes on to have a profound effect upon the lives of millions. Today alone, over 550,000 British teenagers were physically, mentally and emotionally abused by their peers at school – do you think that is acceptable?

In the past 7 months we have already provided support to over 80,000 British teenagers and with your help, we can help even more.


It helps to fund bullying-related research so that we can grow to better understand the motives and nature of bullying in the UK and how the climate is continuously changing. We then distribute this knowledge to schools, colleges and the general public for free.
It helps us to provide bullying consultancy services for schools and colleges and enables us to help reduce the prominence and effect of bullying within those environments.
It helps fund the maintenance and development of our online peer-to-peer social network that is free for anybody to sign up to and get advice from likeminded individuals.
It helps us produce and distribute public awareness and educational campaigns that actively represent and promote equality amongst various minority groups.

More research, more consultancy and more outreach.
We want to develop and fund our own professional online counselling service that is free for all youths to access within the UK.
More events, community outreach programs and minority inclusion programs.
A huge restructure and redevelopment of our online peer-to-peer support network.
Smartphone applications and use of other innovative technologies as a means of providing support to the victims of bullying as and when they need it.

Those are just some of the amazing things that we are hoping to achieve within the next 12-18 months.