We Just Checked in to Habbo Hotel

We are excited to announce that we have checked into the world’s largest online virtual world specifically for teens. With over 230 million users across the world, Habbo Hotel is an online virtual world used by thousands of teens from across the UK. Users are able to adopt their own character, build rooms and create friendships with other users from across the globe.

Today, we announce that we will be working closely with Habbo Hotel on a number of exciting and innovative education and outreach campaigns. We will also be using the network as home to our “virtual” online help centre; where members of the Ditch the Label support team will be available to provide tailored advice and support to the victims of bullying and also to bullies themselves.

“We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to communicate with our target market. Music, fashion and technology are some of our key touch points and so our collaboration with Habbo Hotel really didn’t require much thought. Our recent ‘Annual Bullying Survey 2013’ report highlighted that a rise in social media and social gaming consumption can be accredited to escapism from youths who are being bullied offline. We want to remove the stigma attached to bullying and to make help and support much more accessible to young people in an environment that is most familiar to them. We are all incredibly excited about our future work with Habbo Hotel and at the potential for us to be providing support to thousands upon thousands of young people in the UK.”

Comments Liam Hackett, the founder and CEO of Ditch the Label who was once a victim of bullying himself.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team at Habbo Hotel for their fantastic contribution and enthusiasm for our cause and we hope to see you online soon! If you already have a Habbo account, click here to visit the room and to claim your Ditch the Label badge!

Ditch the Label Virtual HQ on Habbo Hotel

Ditch the Label Virtual HQ on Habbo Hotel

Ditch the Label Virtual HQ on Habbo Hotel

Ditch the Label Virtual HQ on Habbo Hotel


  1. Aidan says:

    I think that this is great and very helpful!

  2. Coolpipcat says:

    I wish you all my luck and support with your current and future amazing Habbo projects!

    Ever need any help feel free to pop me a message

    Habbo DTL Fan/Supporter

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