Research: The Annual Bullying Survey 2013 – UK Bullying Statistics

What are the long lasting effects of schoolyard bullying? What is the ratio of young people being bullied to those that bully? What are the main causes of bullying and how can they be eradicated? Those are some of the questions that we have recently answered with our ambitious new project: the Annual Bullying Survey 2013.

Our 22 page report provides you with a wealth of bullying statistics extracted from a sample of over 1,800 British students predominantly aged 16-19. Our report also identifies how susceptibility to bullying can vary between 52 different demographic profiles. This report was recently covered by the Independent, the Telegraph and Radio 1.


Download your free 22-page report on bullying within the UK’s education system by clicking the link below. If you are from an education establishment and are interested in learning more about our research and consultancy services, please contact us.

Anti Bullying Campaign Bullying Statistics Ditch the Label
Nationwide Report: download now
Anti Bullying Campaign Bullying Statistics Ditch the Label
Route of Bullying – Demographic Variance Spreadsheet: download now