• I am bullied by my parents in any way except not much physically. Help!
    I want it to end or at least to be able to cope with it. I need someone to help me.. I ve gone through so many bad feelings and thoughts. I'm waiting
  • Hi question
    I lived in Canada last year I was a student, I felt accepted, I felt good with my self but now I’m back to where I was I’m back to a close minded...
  • My Dad Isn't Accepting Me Please Help
    So I am bisexual or pansexual and I've talked to my mom plenty of times about girls I've liked and she is very understanding isn't telling me I can't...
  • Dealing with depression
    I have a little brother dealing with depression, it is difficult to understand how serious it is but he’s spoken to a friend talking about having...
  • Questioning
    I grew up in a Christian family and I consider myself a Christian, but I've recently found that I might be bi-curious (I hope I'm using the term...
  • Hey Y'all
    Hey, I'm Kaydee, I'm from the USA. I am a Pre-Med and Business double-major. I really love spending time outdoors, like anything from sports to just...
  • Questioning my sexuality
    I’ve always been open to dating different people from different walks of life(even though I’ve only had one significant other which tbh was grueling)...
  • Very uncomfortable
    I have/ had a friend, he was a good friend and we got kinda close within 6/7 months. We shared about things too. He always used to say that he had a...
  • Hello everyone
    Hi I'm imashi. I live in sri lanka. I hope all you know my country. I'm still studying in university. I like singing songs,playing the guitar and...
  • Questioning my Sexuality
    I honestly do not know where to begin, I have been going through a moment in my life where I am confused about my sexual orientation. My entire life...


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