calling someone a bully

10 Reasons Why it’s Not Okay to Call Someone a Bully

It’s time to think differently about bullying…

At Ditch the Label, we never call anybody a ‘bully’ because we don’t see bullying as an identity. Bullying is a behaviour and like all behaviours, there is a root cause and a remedy for change.

We need to compassionately understand the motives of people who bully, so we can work proactively to combat bullying with prevention. It’s time to say no to the villainization of those who bully others and reframe how we see bullying.

Here are 10 good reasons why we should ditch the ‘bully’ label and take a new approach to overcoming bullying:

1. It’s not what you are, it’s who you are

Bullying is a behaviour not an identity. By labelling someone a ‘bully’ you are basically saying that this behaviour is their defining quality.

2. You Never Know the Full Story

Bullying is a coping mechanism for difficult and stressful situations going on in someone’s life – you might think they look tough on the outside, but they’re probably suffering on the inside.

3. Family Stuff

According to our research, 1 in 3 people who bully on a daily basis said that they don’t feel as though their parents or carers have enough time to spend with them.

4. Lack of Support

People who bully are more likely to feel insecure in their relationships, meaning that they lack stability and support.

5. The Self Fulfilling Prophecy

By labelling someone a ‘bully’ it becomes a factor of their personality and they are more likely to fulfil this prophecy – it’s time to ditch that label!

6. Change is Now

It is never too late for someone to change. Ditch the Label can help you turn things around. If you need help, click here to talk to someone and make a change.

7. Hard times

People who bully are more likely to have experienced the death of a relative or a family breakup meaning that they are struggling to cope with their feelings in a healthy way.

8. Talk about it

Because the best way to deal with bullying is to talk to the person, not alienate them.

9. Environment

We are a product of our environment. Those who bully are more likely to deal with significant family fallouts and persistent arguing in the home.

10. Bullying Ends Here

If we help those who bully to make changes, we can eliminate bullying for everyone.

Change starts with you

We know what you’re thinking right now…. “So I have to be nice to the person who’s bullying me – WTF?!?!” Well, the long and short of it is…yes! Think twice before you call someone a bully. The real reasons why people bully are not as obvious as you might think and go much deeper than you can imagine…

Take guys for example. According to our research, guys are far more likely to bully than girls. You might think that’s a bit of a sweeping statement to make, but when you think about the societal pressures put upon guys to ‘act tough’, ‘don’t cry’ and ‘man up’, it’s no wonder they turn to violence and aggression to cope with their problems.

By encouraging people to talk about their problems, rather than bottling them up, we prevent our emotions from manifesting themselves in unhealthy ways. If you are bullying someone, read this.

Talk it out

You can talk to a digital mentor at Ditch the Label who will help you whether you’re being bullied or doing the bullying. Everyone is treated equally and absolutely no one will be judged.

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