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10 Struggles That Only a Single Person Will Understand

The day after Valentine’s Day has more to offer than the fact that every shop has heart shaped chocolate going for half price. Get your dating apps at the ready guys, because it’s Singles Awareness Day! We are kicking off the season of single and sassy AF with a little list of some of the struggles that only a single person will understand because sometimes, you just need people to get it.

1. When people keep bringing up your relationship status

We’ve all been there. At your Great Aunt’s 80th Birthday bash with more members of your family than you can count, and every two seconds this subject comes up. It might be easier said than done, but try to direct the conversation to other achievements in your life like a recent positive review at work or school. You may be single, but you are so much more than that!

2. But deep down, you’re all like…

If only there was someone here to justify you sitting on the sidelines during the ever embarrassing Macarena and/or to save your space in the buffet line. Sometimes, even the sassiest of single people feel a bit like they want someone to do the odd thing with them. But remember – it’s better to be riding solo than it is to be with someone who is wrong for you!

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3. Having a Netflix binge with nobody to cuddle up to

Twenty episodes of something emotional/scary you shouldn’t be watching when single later, and you are feeling like the only thing that will make it better is to listen to Taylor Swift in your room. Try watching something that is a guilty pleasure for you that maybe someone else might not enjoy with you – there is nothing like the smugness of a Drag Race binge in your pyjamas with a solo pizza and pint of ice cream.

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4. When every one of your friends has someone

Being single when your squad are also living free is amazing, but when you are the third/fifth/seventh wheel in a gang of happy couples, it definitely isn’t the one. If it is starting to feel like you are left out all the time, pull your friends aside and explain to them that you miss them and want to hang out as a group more, without the other halves around.

5. When people suggest you should lower your standards

Err, doesn’t everyone have a list two pages long? You know what you want and settling for something that is ‘kinda ok’ is only going to put you back in the same position in a few months. Hold out for it – something great is coming!

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6. Fewer Christmas presents to open

Also, fewer to buy and wrap, so it’s not all bad. Being single has a huge benefit that doesn’t get spoken about enough – it’s cheap. When you still have enough money in your bank account on January 2nd to pay for a sale shopping spree, then you are most likely beating your coupled-up crew by a long way.

7. Listening to your BFF talk about how madly in love they are

It doesn’t mean you’re not happy for them because they are your BFF and they are happy after all. Sometimes though, listening to the same story about how their other half said/did something cute for the fifth time can get a bit much for even the best ride or die friend.

8. Not having clothes/products to steal from a significant other

Sometimes, someone else’s wardrobe is all that will do to get an outfit together. Everyone else is walking around in borrowed hoodies but you are feeling stuck with the same old stuff you have always had. It’s important to remember though, that this is one tiny upside of having someone in your life, and one that most couples do not even take part in. Just style it out in your own way – the best look on you is ‘you’.

9. And all of the above makes you feel like you should go on a Tinder binge

It’s swipe city, b*tch! The time has come to download dating apps in bulk because you are sick of feeling like the odd one out. Before you do though, try to reign it in a bit and think about what you want before you start swiping all over the place.

10. Where you accidentally swipe left on your future bae

They’re gone. Let it go. We’ve all had that moment when we are out of backtracks and the possible future love of your life is now gone before you ever got to send that first hello.

BUT HEY! Every cloud…

Being single is definitely not all doom and gloom, and can sometimes be the best, most exciting times of your life. There are hundreds of things to appreciate in single life. Eating every meal on the weekend in sweatpants in front of that all important Netflix binge, is just one of them.

Sometimes, being single can be amazing and sometimes it can be really tough. If you feel at any time you need support in love, relationships, or anything that is bothering you, reach out to the Ditch the Label Community here.