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Ditch the Label’s 101 Fundraising Ideas

It took them 2 days but our fundraising team did it. They rose to the challenge of collectively coming up with 101 different fundraising ideas for your creative inspiration. Whether you’re planning to take over the world with your fundraising or just looking for modest ways to help, we have the perfect campaign idea for you. Once you’ve got your idea, start your fundraising page or get in touch and we’ll help you with the next steps.

Read on for 101 Ditch the Label fundraising ideas.

fundraising, ideas, 101

101, fundraising, ideas


  1. Ditch or Dare – Get your friends to challenge you with a bunch of dares.
  2. Host a dinner party – This is pretty much a win-win situation. You get to see your friends, they get to sample your delicious cooking and at the end of the evening, everyone chips into a Ditch the Label donation (chips…get it?)
  3. Go silent – give up your voice for the day in return for sponsorship.
  4. Recycle – why not recycle your old phone, tablet and gadgets and donate the money to Ditch the Label.
  5. Go on a (digital) holiday – Calling all social media addicts! Give up technology for a day in return for sponsorships.
  6. Have a clear out at home – Clear out your closet of unwanted junk and donate the funds raised – you could do this offline with a car-boot sale or online using eBay
  7. Jump from a crane – face your fear of heights and do a charity bungee jump for Ditch the Label.
  8. Do something for a mile – Skip, swim, jog, cycle, crawl – whatever you want, just do it for a mile.
  9. Do a marathon – what better excuse do you need to exercise? Your legs will thank you for it and your medal selfie is going to look literally so cool. Paint is optional.
  10. Quit – Give up a bad habit and donate the money to us instead! It could be anything from smoking, chocolate or makeup.
  11. Run a pub quiz – Just take it from us, it may be best to ban smartphones for the evening. It’s a really great and fun way to raise some money for a great cause (alcohol is optional).
  12. Get married – Yeah, that’s right. Get married! Instead of asking for wedding gifts, why not ask your loved ones to donate the money to Ditch the Label instead?
  13. Talk in third person for the day – In return for sponsorships, set a day where you refer to yourself in third-person. Consider making a video of your day to share online – mainly for the entertainment of others (us).
  14. Get active – Organise a charity football, touch rugby or tennis match and use it to raise money for Ditch the Label.. and to get one up on your best mates because you’ll be destined to be on the winning team.
  15. Save your change – You’ll be surprised at how much loose change you’ll accumulate over the period of a month. Save it and donate it.
  16. Host a party – Just please, for the sake of our legal team – don’t advertise it publically to randomers on social media! Host a party or gig and incorporate some cool fundraising activities.
  17. Auction away – Why not reach out to businesses and celebrities for donated products and experiences to be auctioned off for Ditch the Label?
  18. Take a packed lunch – Perfect if you’re addicted to eating out. Use the money you’ve saved to donate to Ditch the Label.
  19. Shave it off – Dare we say it… no wait, we can’t. Okay, deep breaths. We can do this. Why don’t… youhaveyourhairshavedoffandyouuseittoraisemoney? There you said it, your call!
  20. Pop-up car wash – Rally the troops and spend the day cleaning cars in return for donations to Ditch the Label. You’d be surprised at how fun it can be – honest!
  21. Channel your 90s diva – Yo. Here’s the story from A to Z, you wanna get with me? You better listen carefully. You’ve been challenged to speak in nothing but Spice Girls lyrics for the entire day in return for sponsorship. Wannabe or is it a Viva Forever? Please, Say You’ll Be There.
  22. Couture it out – Collab with local businesses to run a Ditch the Label diversity-themed fashion show.
  23. Cocktail fundraiser – book a mixologist and partner with local brands to host a cocktail evening fundraiser!
  24. Trigger word – Do a ‘trigger word’ challenge – pick a word out of a hat and whenever anyone mentions it you have to do an action such as a dance, song or Vine quote.
  25. Hand it over – Let your parents or other half take over your social media presence for the day to raise funds (muahaha)
  26. Iron it out – What we mean by this is, your friends and family or even colleagues are going to pay you to iron their clothes the day.
  27. Switch it up – Use the opposite hand for the day. So, if you’re right-handed, you’re not left-handed and vice-versa. What could possibly go wrong…
  28. Quit smoking – …and use the money you’ve saved to donate to Ditch the Label. Your health wins and so do we!
  29. Flippy floppy – So a sponsored flip-flop wearing week! No matter what the weather is.
  30. Swear box – Install it at home or in the office. Whenever anyone swears, you’ve got to donate £1 to us!
  31. Tie yourself to a buddy day – It’s like a three-legged race only there isn’t a race and it lasts all day.
  32. Change the world – By attempting a world record to fundraise for Ditch the Label. Ambitious.. but still you wanted 101 ideas!
  33. Makeup – Let your partner or a small child do your make-up for the day. It ‘might‘ actually look amazing.
  34. Get spooked – Spend the night in a haunted house. On your own. Without a light. OK…maybe 1 light.
  35. Accent challenge – Change your accent for the day/week in return for sponsorships. No doubt people will sponsor you to change it back.
  36. Inside out – A classic! Wear your clothes inside out for the day. Imagine that… Major #ThugLife points coming your way
  37. Guess the number – It could be sweets in a jar, weight of an object or anything else you can think of. Charge for each number people want.
  38. Say yes – You’re banned from saying no to anything for the day (unless it’s illegal/immoral/corrupt). Sound fun? Yes? Yes.
  39. Donkey Kong it – Host a classic video game competition with friends and colleagues. How quickly will you get bored? Never!
  40. Eat Green – Literally. For a week, eat nothing but things that are green in colour. (please speak to a dietician/doctor first)
  41. Auction your skills – Can you offer some gardening, creative or spreadsheet skills for a day?
  42. Wax it off- Wax your legs, chest or everything if you’re feeling overly ambitious
  43. Turn it off – If you’re a TV or Netflix addict, cut it out of your system for the week
  44. Sports day – Approach your local school to get all the kids involved, or how about doing an adult one?
  45. Repeat – Use a certain word at the end of everything sentence okay. For the day okay. To raise money okay. Okay okay?
  46. Be kind – Not like you shouldn’t be anyway. Spend a sponsored day doing random acts of kindness.
  47. Sing it out – Spend the day in a musical – yes, it is what you think. No talking, just singing.
  48. Paint it out – Get sponsored to walk around with face paint on all day. Think of the possibilities… Lion, giraffe, clown. Endless!
  49. Yoga challenge – Host a pay-to-enter Yoga challenge with sudden death if you are fall out of the increasingly difficult poses.
  50. You Vs. Food – The ultimate challenge. Just try to avoid too many chillies… we don’t think we need to explain why
  51. Host a tea or coffee morning – Because it is the British thing to do
  52. Battle of the bands – Work with local venues and bands to build a local singing competition. All profits go to us.
  53. Ditch the holiday – Ditch your summer travels and donate the money to Ditch the Label? Who needs a week in the sun with the great British weather
  54. Dye your hair – Why not don a crazy colour in the name of Ditch of Label.
  55. Non-uniform days – Approach local schools to see if they would be willing to ditch the uniform for the day.
  56. Sing your heart out – How about organising a karaoke night? Can’t sing? Don’t worry, that’s what karaoke is for!
  57. There’s no harm in asking – Ask for a discount in every shop you visit and donate your savings.
  58. Organise a treasure hunt – Tune into your inner child and hunt for that pot of gold. Or chocolate! Whichever is more affordable..
  59. Switch it out – Swap clothes with your partner for the day to raise money.
  60. Turn off the games console – How long can you go without your faithful Sega Megadrive? PS4? Xbox?
  61. Sponsored juice cleanse – Basically drink nothing but vitamin-packed juices (please speak to a dietician/doctor first)
  62. Christmas is around the corner – Ditch your normal clothes and see how the colour red suits you.
  63. Organise a 24-hour event – You could run, swim, sit, stand, kiss or anything that you see fit.
  64. Round up the village -How about organising a village fayre? It’ll be hard work but will pay dividends.
  65. Clubs & Pubs – Approach clubs & pubs to see if they would fancy teaming up for themed nights and events.
  66. Don a weird wig – We know they’re itchy but it is for charity…
  67. Board game competition – Got any classic board games lying around? No? Well, we’re sure someone still owns some!
  68. Gough all out – Why not organise an exhibition with local artists and performers
  69. Egg and Spoon race – Just like when you were a kid but that egg and especially the spoon it ‘balances’ on is a lot smaller now that you’re all grown up.
  70. To grow or not to grow – Ever been curious how long you can grow your whiskers?
  71. Box-set marathon – Most of us do this every Sunday anyway, but we all know you want to watch every episode of Breaking Bad again
  72. No pants! – Can you get sponsored to not wear underwear for the week? No idea, but we do know you’ll save yourself some laundry
  73. Burns night – You don’t have to be Scottish to enjoy this great night, so get the haggis and scotch out
  74. Darts – Now we don’t know if anyone actually plays darts… but if you do, here’s your chance to do what you do and fundraise!
  75. Free hugs! – Who doesn’t like a hug! See if you can get away with charging for your cuddles to the entire office
  76. Make-up / Make-down – If you do, don’t If you don’t, do.
  77. Bakeathon – It’s all in the name. See how many cakes you can bake in a short amount of time and sell them raise funds.
  78. PJ Day – We’re sure your boss would love you to turn up on Monday morning in your jim-jams…
  79. It’s always sunny in… indoors – Ever worn your sunnies for 24 hours? It’s great, trust us!
  80. Get the maps out – Damping your friends in the middle of nowhere and letting them race back sounds fun right? Get them sponsored to do it.
  81. Bike ride – There are some brave souls out there that cycle the length of the country in the name of charity… just saying.
  82. Community helpers – Pick up litter or get the lawnmower out. Help local residents and ask for small donations.
  83. Summers here – Host a charity BBQ. Do we need to give you any more of an excuse?
  84. Everyone loves the movies – Get your hands on a projector and host a cinema evening. Or, approach local cinemas to see if they can help.
  85. Bingo! – Apologies if you are in the bingo hall right now but it’s a classic fundraiser so it had to be on the list.
  86. Tennis-athon – We’ve no idea if we just made up a new form of event, but either way it sounds good to us
  87. 24 selfies – That’s probably what you’ll take this month but how about doing it in one day? Every hour, on the hour.
  88. Going back to singing – …public places are always a great place to do it.
  89. YouTube yourself – The internet can be a great way of fundraising. Film yourself doing a charitable act to raise funds.
  90. We all have phobias – We know it’s a bit cruel but it’s the reactions that are funny (not you being scared). Face your fears for us!
  91. Do a raffle – Everyone loves a good ol’ raffle. Fun fact: Poundland sell raffle books… just saying.
  92. Silent auction – Great for the workplace or an event. Pool together and host a silent auction.. shhhh!
  93. Have a birthday – and just ask people to Ditch the Label in lieu of gifts. Perfect if you are difficult to buy for.
  94. Buy a t-shirt – Did you know that all of the profits from our merchandise goes straight to funding support?
  95. Fancy dress – Why not organise a fancy dress day at work, or use it as an excuse to host a party. Pay to enter.
  96. It’s Christmas – Instead of asking for presents, why not be totally selfless and ask them to donate the money to us instead?
  97. It’s Christmas part 2 – Why not reduce your Christmas gift budget and use the savings to donate to Ditch the Label?
  98. It’s Christmas part 3 – Or buy some of our merchandise as Christmas gifts – that way – everybody wins! Plus it’s all awesome
  99. Sell wristbands – Own a business or shop front? Contact us for information on how you can sell our merchandise at your POS
  100. Text to donate – Can’t be bothered with anything too heavy? Text DITC12 £10 to 70070 to donate £10
  101. Donate a % – Got a business? Why not donate a percentage of sales to Ditch the Label?

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