12 Tips on How To Survive Long Distance

Long distance. Something that most people will probably attempt at some point. Whether for a few weeks, months or years, making a relationship survive the miles can be pretty tough. So much so that we figured we couldn’t be the only ones to give out the advice on this one! That’s why we took it to the Ditch the Label followers on IG, and you guys did not disappoint. So, if you are heading away from your other half for whatever reason, here is the best tips and tricks to making something last, as you called them. 

1) Have patience

 “Might be easier said than done, but it helps to be thinking of the next time you’ll see them”

2) Communicate 

“Communication is key. Always make time to message”

3) Set an end date and keep it in sight

“Long distance can’t and shouldn’t last forever”

4) Mix it up

“Write letters to each other”

5) Have FaceTime dates

“Eating the same dinner on FaceTime is an easy long-distance date”

6) Have reunions in the diary 

“It reminds you that you are doing this for a reason”

7) Trust is key

 “Trust trust trust. Trust is everything”

8) Some space is healthy

“Don’t be over clingy. Use this time”

9) Let them know when you won’t reply or pick up the phone 

“It saves a lot of fights”

10) Make time for each other 

“Make time most days to communicate in some way”

11) Remember who you are doing it for 

“It’s easy to forget what this person means to you”

12) Remind them everyday that you love them

“It can be easy to forget why you are doing it”

So there you have it – the 12 most common answers from our IG stories. Don’t agree? Have one you want to add? Comment below! 

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