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15 Essential Beauty Tips for Teens

Feeling frumpy? Want to lose weight? Do you want better skin? Broader arms? A smaller waist? This article will deliver everything your heart desires, with 15 essential beauty tips that all teens need to know.

Feeling frumpy? Want to lose weight? Do you want better skin? Broader arms? A smaller waist? This article will deliver everything your heart desires, with 15 essential beauty tips that all teens need to know.

Utilising industry experts along with tried and tested methods, we’ve painstakingly gone through hundreds of tips and procedures to give you the ultimate roundup. It isn’t an instant fix, mind you… If you want to feel beautiful, read on.

1. The pictures are fake

Understand that 98% of images you see of celebrities and models are edited and are not representative. If you don’t believe us, YouTube search “reverse Photoshop” or “models unedited” – it’s okay that they have blemishes and stretch marks because they are human.

2. You make yourself feel bad

Acknowledge that there are things you dislike about yourself but don’t focus on it anymore. Nobody can make you feel bad about yourself, you do that.

3. Acknowledge what you like

Acknowledge that there are things you like about yourself and do focus on them. Even if you don’t feel like there’s anything, there is and as you become more comfortable in your own skin, this list will grow.

4. Mix your friends up

Diversify your friendship circle and hang around with people you wouldn’t otherwise hang around with. This will make you more familiar with different realities of appearances, body shapes and size.

5. Delete Facetune

Stop editing your photos. They are showing a very dangerous and unrealistic view of yourself which will then become your benchmark and will ultimately make you feel crap about yourself.

6. Be selective over who you spend time with

Stop hanging around with people who make negative comments about how you or other people look. It’s likely that they feel bad about their own appearance and are projecting it on to other people.

7. Stop staring in the mirror

Limit the number of times you’re allowing yourself to look in the mirror, it will become obsessive and will make you feel insecure about yourself if you’re unable to see your reflection for a while.

8. Stop putting yourself down

Stop bitching about your appearance to yourself and others. It only makes it okay for other people to do it too and the things you’re saying aren’t true. You’ll end up believing them and it will become an even bigger issue.

9. Replace bitchiness with kindness

Whenever you feel like saying something bad about how other people look, say something good about them too. Eventually, work to stop saying bad things all together. Occasionally we all think negative things about others, that’s normal but it isn’t okay to vocalise them to others or use those opinions to make somebody feel bad about themselves to make yourself feel better.

10. Try to be positive

Remember that your mind is an incredibly powerful tool. Whenever you have a negative thought about yourself, acknowledge it and consciously decide to think of something positive.

11. You probably won’t believe this one, but it’s true

Understand that in 30 years, we guarantee you will look back at photos of yourself now and realise how fabulous you really looked.

12. Define your own beauty

Realise that no two people look the same. Some people have prominent birthmarks, some people have freckles, some people have black hair, some people are tall, broad, skinny, the list is endless. That’s okay. Stop basing your idea of beauty on other people, base it on yourself.

13. Stop living for your diet

Accept the fact that your natural body shape is not really going to change, no matter how much you diet or workout.

14. Supporting somebody else can help you, too

Help somebody else overcome bad feelings they have about themselves and you could find that it also helps you overcome yours too.

15. Cancel your magazine subscriptions

Don’t read beauty magazines, their sole purpose is to make you feel ugly so that you continue to buy the magazine and the products inside it. Take them with a pinch of salt.

There you have it. The 15 beauty tips for teens that the beauty industry doesn’t want you to know.

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