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15 Ways to be a Happier Person

It may feel like happiness is out of reach and impossible right now. But it is always within reach. There are proven scientific ways that can help bring your mood to it’s happiest level and help you become a happier person.

Happiness is a direction, not a place.

Whether it’s because things haven’t quite gone your way, you’re feeling down in the dumps or just need a little happiness boost, here’s 15 sure-fire ways to get you back on that happy train, boost your mood and become a happier person.

1. Gratitude

Look, we get it. There’s a lot of bad in the world, but there’s also a ton of good. Psychologists say that by reminding yourself of the good things regularly, you’ll actually lift your overall mood. Everybody approaches gratitude in different ways, but we recommend writing down 3 things you are grateful for at the end of each day inside a gratitude diary. Doing this, over time, will generally train your mindset to be happier and healthier.

2. Treat yourself

Be kind and gentle to yourself. Acknowledge your achievements and celebrate your victories – no matter how big or how small they may be. Whether your treat is a cinema date with your bestie, a shopping haul or a long soak in the bath with a chilled playlist, make sure you practice regular self-care and do things that you enjoy.

3. Surround yourself with good people

Your vibe attracts your tribe and vice versa. We really are who we surround ourselves with and it’s amazing just how influential the people we allow into our lives actually are over our mood and mental wellbeing. If we’re surrounded by negative people, that negativity is going to get passed on! Hang out with people who make you feel good!

4. Get Silly

Try not to take yourself too seriously. We all need a good amount of fun in our lives, it’s what keeps us going. Access your silly side for a while, we guarantee you’ll feel better after clowning around for a bit. That old saying about laughter being the greatest medicine… it really is.

5. Get mindful

Mindfulness and meditation are tools that you can use to build more discipline over your mind and regulation of your emotions. Allocating just 15-minutes a day to building up your practice can truly be transformational in improving your overall wellbeing. There are tons of guides available online, including some guided meditations on the Ditch the Label YouTube channel.

6. Be nicer

When we’re nicer to other people, we feel better about ourselves. We’re not just saying that, like, it’s an actual scientific fact. Helping other people really does raise our spirits. Set yourself a daily goal of at least one selfless act and you’ll seen feel the difference.

7. Smile more

When you get on the bus, smile at the driver. When you pay for your lunch, smile at the shopkeeper. When you see someone in the street, smile at them too! Studies have shown that smiling actually does make us feel happier and smiling is also incredibly contagious.

8. Don’t hold grudges

Grudges are bad for your body and your mind. Holding a grudge means you’re stopping yourself from moving forward. Think of a grade like holding on to a ball of fire with the intention of throwing it at somebody else — you’re the only one getting burnt. Let. It. Go. If you need help doing this, try searching “forgiveness meditation” on YouTube for a push in the right direction. Similarly, if you’ve done something wrong, just say sorry! you’ll feel 100% better for doing it!

9. Have Realistic Expectations

The people that tell you they’re happy all the time, or post the most amazing, joyous content on social media are lying to you. It is completely unrealistic to be happy all of the time, but if you’re able to feel happy, say, 15% of the time – then you’re on to a winner. Most of the time we’re pretty neutral and we mustn’t see negative emotions as a bad thing, because they are all essential components of the human psyche.

10. Have a digital detox every once in a while

Social media makes us doubt ourselves. It can make us feel inadequate and leaves us feeling like we’re not good enough. Take a break, get some perspective and turn it off for a while.

11. Do what you love

Don’t let fear of being laughed at stop you from doing what you love. Find what you’re good at, find what you enjoy and do it until you’re an expert.

12. Get active

When we exercise, it releases endorphins: more commonly known as ‘feel good hormones’. Getting in some regular exercise, at least 3 hours a week can make the world of difference. Exercise can be anything from playing sport, a gym-workout, running around with your dog, or even a brisk walk or jog.

13. Get enough sleep

Our mood is heavily affected by how much sleep we get. Make sure you’re consistently getting around 8 hours of sleep every night. You’ll feel healthier and happier for doing it!

14. Dance

Studies have shown that dancing connects with the emotional centres in the brain promoting an emotional release. This, coupled with the endorphins our bodies produce when we get our hearts pumping make dancing the perfect recipe for that happiness boost that you’re after.

15. Don’t hold back

Finally, don’t let anyone stop you from being 100% you. We’re at our happiest when we’re comfortable and relaxed, we can’t be these things if we’re always pretending to be someone that we’re not – love yourself.

Wanna talk about it?

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