5 Myths about Millennials Debunked 😂

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05 Oct 2017

The Millennial Myth-buster

Do a quick google search and you’ll see that the internet doesn’t very much like Millennials.

Google Suggest will kindly inform us that Millennials are… murderous, lazy, entitled, boring, idiots (among other things…) 😮😲😮😲

Google Suggest comes up with these auto complete suggestions based on what people search for. So, its fair to assume that these searches were likely to have been performed by the generations who precede us (gee, thanks guys 😒) but the question is this: why are they so quick to criticise our pug loving, selfie taking, avocado munching, Emoji addicted generation? I mean… what’s not to love!?

Maybe they’re just jealous because they still haven’t grasped email yet, IDK… 😂

Fear not guys, we’ve set out to debunk each defamatory Millennial myth to prove to the internet that we really aren’t half as bad as they think we are. If you were born in the 1982-2000 bracket, read on fellow Millennials, we’ve got some myth busting to do!

Myth #1. “Millennials are Killing”

According to crime and homicide rates since around the late 90’s, Millennials are no more murderous than the previous generation. In fact, an article in Forbes magazine stated that: “crime rates started to fall precisely when Millennials entered the prime age bracket for criminal activity.” So there *pokes tongue out*

Its also widely assumed that Millennials are killing various industries which is also a Big. Fat. Myth.  In fact, you have millennials to thank for the thriving avocado industry – am I right guys!? Avocados aside though, some industries might be slowly dying out, but think how many new and revolutionary ideas have flourished thanks to Millennial minds?!?

Myth #2. “Millennials are Lazy”

Well, this is just straight up rude. It’s not uncommon for older generations to moan about the laziness of younger generations so we shouldn’t take it too personally. Nevertheless, we’ll bust this myth all the same. Millennials are more likely to work ‘gig jobs’ which are temporary or short term side jobs, and are more likely to juggle multiple jobs on zero hours contracts. About 39% percent of workers ages 18-24 and 44% of workers aged 25-34 reported earning extra cash on the side through working multiple jobs  … doesn’t seem so lazy to us!

Myth #3. “Millennials are Entitled”

This statement is absolutely and categorically false. You only have to look at tuition fees over last 50 years to see that we are are ‘entitled’ to very little nowadays, not to mention the cuts to grants, bursaries and maintenance loans. With around £40,000 worth of student debt looming over most recent graduates and very little chance of getting on the property ladder before the age of 40, it is widely understood by most Millennials, that nothing comes for free anymore.

Myth #4. “Millennials are Idiots”

To put it lightly, us millennials have inherited a bit of a tough economy and let’s just say we’ve made the best of a bad situation. Not to mention (again) that tuition fees have more than tripled, making any chance of a furthered education near enough impossible for anyone who’s not as rich as Trump. The magnificent Millennial generation have created their own ways of getting stuff done. Social media has made us more critical then ever, with all this ‘fake news’ on the rise, we have information at our fingertips and we’re not afraid to use it to debunk a silly news story or prove a troll wrong from time to time – not to mention, Wikipedia…😎

Myth #5. “Millennials are Snowflakes”

Ok so this one wasn’t on the list originally but it’s no secret that the people of the internet think millennials are “snowflakes”, social justice warriors, PC police – and really, why is this such a bad thing? Sure everything can be taken to extremes but political correctness is as simple as just not being a D*** to each other. Excuse us for caring about other people and striving for a more equal society. If Millennial snowflakes are the height of your problems, count yourself lucky!

So there you have it, 5 myths about Millennials debunked for your reading satisfaction. Got anymore pet peeves? Head over to our Rant Box and let it rip….

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