5 Awesome Ways to Keep Boredom Away during the Easter Holidays

08 Apr 2019

We’ve all been there. Waiting for the clock to tick past 3pm on the Friday before the Easter holidays seems like every second lasts an hour. You’ve been dreaming of dossing about with your mates, going to town and playing video games until the small hours of the morning. But once all that free time actually rolls around, sometimes we can find ourselves stuck staring at our third episode of Jeremy Kyle. That’s why we put together a little list of hilarious ideas for you and your pals to get involved in this Easter. You can thank us later.

1) Master an extreme sport 

Grab yourself a cheap skateboard and head down the park (with a crash helmet, just in case). The two weeks over Easter will be a great time to get outside in the fresh air, and if you need time away from revision, doing something like this is a great way to take your mind off it! Mastering something like skateboarding when you are a complete rookie uses a lot of concentration, and focussing on your balance, body and breathing all contributes to stress reduction. 

If you are already a pro skater, give something else a go! Most water sports places will be open for the holidays, so get your mates together and try wakeboarding, kayaking or paddle boarding. 


2) Get a job

Use this chance to start earning your own dollar and apply for a weekend job in your local area. The two weeks off will be great opportunity to nail down a CV and hand it out – then by the time you are back at school you will be raking in the extra cash, and can save some for some totally mind-blowing summer plans. 


3) Set up a side hustle 

This is a great way to do something you enjoy and earn a bit cash at the same time. Set up a shop on Depop and sell your old stuff, get crafting and sell it on Etsy, or even just sell your skills as the best dog-walker, lawn-mower or car washer in the land. 


4) Start a tournament 

Whether your playing field of choice is a virtual one or a real one, get the crew together and run a tournament for the duration of the Easter holidays. This could be over several different video games, sports or stupid stuff you’ve never done before. 

Ideas could include Fortnite, Apex Legends or FIFA for gamers or football, tennis and basketball for sports lovers. Not into either of these? Why not write a quiz, see who can do the most professional looking manicure or who can make the best cakes? 

Winner of each round gets ten points, with points decreasing with every lower place. At the end of the holidays, add up all the scores, winner takes all! 


5) Make a movie 

Whether you are already making some sweet videos for YouTube or you have never picked up a camera before – use this time to get creative with your pals and make something visual. It could be something to kick off your YouTube channel, a series of hilarious TikTok clips that are bound to get you viral, or something more arty – embrace your inner Steven Spielberg and make movie magic. 


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