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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Being Alone

Being alone is boring right? With no one to hang out with, you find yourself stuck twiddling your thumbs in your bedroom with nothing to do but catch up on work (*cough* NETFLIX *cough*). What you may not have discovered yet though is that being alone can be completely and totally amazing. It gives you the chance to do you, away from the stresses and strains that make everyday life barely tolerable. In fact, you’ll soon be able to handle this stress way better than before. We have put together a list of reasons why being alone is the best damn thing for you and your wellbeing, and how you can turn boring time spent doing nothing into glorious golden hours and joy. 

1) Recharge yo’ self

We can’t all be going 100 mph without needing a moment to rest, relax and recharge. Alone time is the best for this. Picture the scene – you, alone, in bed, comfy socks on, good book in hand, chilled music on Spotify for a solid couple of hours. Sounds like the dream right? 

2) You get a chance to deal with YOUR sh*t

Taking a breather from other people when you have a lot of stuff going on with you is a really great way to decompress and focus on yourself. It might be that other people are always coming to you for help or advice, behaving selfishly or they just want to mess around and you aren’t in the mood. Whatever it is, it is perfectly normal to feel like you need to take a moment for yourself. Use this chance to try a few methods of working through what you have going on, whether that is writing a letter and not sending it, writing in a journal or using another creative outlet for your emotions and your stuff. 

3) You can do the things you love 

Reconnecting with or discovering new things that you love really can only be done on your own. Always wanted to paint, hike, test out your DJ skills or finally master the art of keepie-ups? Being alone is probably the best way to do this – with no distractions. 

A huge thing that often gets in the way of us starting to learn a new skill is that we might be scared of failing at it. With no one else around to watch you give it a go, you might find it easier to take up something new or reconnect with an old passion, knowing that maybe if you don’t master it straight away, no one will know but you. 

4) There will be so much inner peace 

It might sound like something only a master of yoga and meditation can achieve, but getting used to and eventually enjoying time alone will definitely bring a hefty chunk of inner peace into your world. Spending time doing what you love, dealing with your emotions and basically everything above is a great way to help you feel a bit better every day with who you are. 

5) You will be better at the rest of your life 

Taking care of you will for sure make your life easier in other ways. Disconnecting from the stuff in your life that is stressing you out and going for a hike alone is one of the best feelings in the world and having a moment to empty your brain of all the stuff that fills it up day to day will mean next time you sit down to tackle that essay that has been lurking on your desk for weeks, you are much more likely to think clearly, organise your thoughts and just smash it. 

There you have it – 5 great reasons why being alone can be totally amazing. Obviously, we aren’t saying you should be spending every second of every day on your lonesome, and of course a huge amount of great things come out of seeing your pals on a regular basis. But, being just as happy alone as in a large group of mates can make so much of your life a little bit better. 

Being alone can be amazing. Feeling lonely is a completely different thing. If you are feeling lonely, cut off or disconnected and it’s starting to get you down, reach out to the Ditch the Label Community here and talk to people who will listen.  


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