9 Life Struggles Explained by Game of Thrones

14 Apr 2019

Winter is here. Well not literally. But today is the TV event many of us have been waiting for for two years – Game of Thrones Season 8 will be battle-axing its way onto screens tonight and here at Ditch the Label, we could not be more excited. In celebration, we put together this hilarious list of life fails that we all know to be true, as told to you by Game of Thrones Seasons 1-7. Be warned, there may be a spoiler or two beyond this point. Valar Morghulis. 

The self checkout thinking it can tell you what to do like it’s not a robot


And your mates leave you to pay for all their food as well

They always pick the most fortunate moments to need the loo/fresh air/take a phone call and it always happens to be when you are stood at the counter with just enough cash to cover their family sized bag of Doritos as well as your food.

Getting out of bed in the dark to pee and trying not to walk into anything

Relying on your imagination to see where you are going in your room because if you put the light on you will definitely lose your sleepiness so it’s a risk you just have to take

And how it feels when you accidentally step on a plug


Screaming so loud that anyone else in the house thinks you are being burgled because the pain is so real. And your sleepiness is most definitely lost now.

When you are having a bad day and anyone tries to speak to you


This is literally your response to absolutely everyone who comes within ten metres of you when you are having a bad day.

Accidentally Swiping Left on Your One True Bae

You know you would have been so good together and now they are lost to cyberspace forever. #NeverForget

When you have stay late at school to finish that work you definitely meant to do but didn’t


It’s always always when the sun is shining and there is an ice lolly or a bag of crisps with your name on it and all your mates are hanging out round someones house after school.

And your Mum asks why you are home an hour later than planned


‘It was definitely NOT because I hadn’t finished my work and had to stay late to make up the time. It was almost certainly because they were telling me what an amazing student I am.’

And Finally, When someone intentionally gives you a Game of Thrones spoiler

There you have it – 9 of the most real life struggles we all know to be true told to you by Game of Thrones! If you are watching Season 8, enjoy it and remember, ‘if you think this story has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention’. Valar Morghulis!

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