Welcome to the Ditch the Label Generation.

Our Elevator Pitch

We are one of the largest pro-equality and anti-bullying charities in the world.
Our award-winning work spans across the UK, USA and Mexico; promoting equality and empowering people aged 12-25 to overcome bullying. We are a digital charity, which means that most of our support is provided online through our website and partnerships with games and social networks.It is estimated that every 3 minutes somebody will benefit from our support.

How we’re changing the world

So we heard that the internet is a pretty major thing..
Each month, thousands of people benefit from our pioneering digital support programs. We have a team of digital support mentors who empower people to overcome bullying through our website and partnership with other online communities. We provide one-to-one and group help and produce widely used self-help guides and materials. We don’t just talk about bullying, we help people through things such as mental health, coming out and low self-esteem.We’re scientific in our approach..
We produce pioneering research to understand the changing nature and trends of bullying. We then use our research as a starting point for innovation and share our findings with other charities, educators and the general public.We challenge societal norms..
We regularly collaborate with other organisations, celebrities, thought leaders and real people to produce public awareness and educational campaigns. The campaigns are designed to change how people see themselves and those around them.

We don’t just help those who experience bullying..
We see bullying as a behavioural issue. Like all behaviours, there is a root cause and a remedy for change. We understand the root causes and we provide the remedies for change. Not only do we help those who have been bullied, but those who are doing the bullying too, because there is no such thing as a ‘bully’ or ‘victim’. It’s a behaviour and not an identity.

Our Objectives


to provide innovative support

To provide evolving, innovative and comprehensive emotional, psychological and physical support to those who are impacted by bullying in offline and digital environments; such as through schools and colleges and in collaboration with online communities and social networks. Our focuses are on those who have experienced bullying, those who are bullying and stakeholders such as parents/guardians and teaching professionals who are also impacted.


to produce world class, pioneering research

To use our pioneering research to continuously measure, evaluate and predict changes in the landscape of bullying so that we can continue to improve and develop our services and share our findings with others. Research is the starting point for us in ensuring that we are able to provide the best possible support to as many people as possible.


to collaborate

We believe that bullying is a societal issue and therefore has various different stakeholders. Pretty much everyone has either experienced bullying first hand or via somebody they care about, which is why we have a huge emphasis on collaboration. We work extensively with other organisations and people to help make real, positive change for thousands of young people each year.


to change the world

We are working hard to tackle wider societal issues that stem from discrimination and prejudice. From the ways in which we view our physical appearance to the normalisation of hate crimes, it is on our long-term agenda. We believe that bullying and related issues should never be seen as "growing up" and think that those who bully and discriminate need education and emotional support before punishment.

The Team

We are a team of passionate creatives, innovators, psychologists, designers, mentors and Haribo enthusiasts brought together with one common goal: to end bullying and to resolve the harmful impacts once and for all.

Meet UsThe Team

Our History

Ditch the Label launched based on the experiences of one individual. Since then, we have grown rapidly into becoming an international movement and a lifeline for thousands worldwide.

Our HistoryOur History

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We are a young organisation with a young spirit. We have a work hard, play hard mentality here at Ditch the Label and together, we unite as one to make genuine improvements to the world and lives of thousands of young people. If you are passionate about creating positive change and would like to be part of fresh, innovative and exciting then we’d love to hear from you.

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