Everything you need for Anti-Bullying Week 2017


Our research shows that more than half of people under 25 will, at some point, experience bullying. As a result, 1 in 3 will self-harm, grades will drop and 37% will experience social anxiety and depression. Bullying is a national emergency and continues to undermine the self-esteem, health and potential of millions in the UK.

This year we are using Anti-Bullying Week to encourage people to speak up about bullying. We also invite activists, teachers, parents/guardians, businesses and other interested parties to help us eradicate bullying and improve the lives of millions by pledging support for Ditch the Label.

Anti-Bullying Week is being held between Monday 13th – Friday 19th November.

7 Anti-Bullying Week Activities for Teachers

We’ve put together a list of anti-bullying week activities for teachers to run which are suitable for high school and college environments.

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Did you know that statistically, 1 in 2 young people are bullied? If you are being bullied, you absolutely are not alone.

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Schools & Colleges

We provide a range of new and innovative interventions and training programs aimed at tackling prejudice-based bullying.

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Parents & Guardians

As a parent, it can be hard to talk to your child about bullying. We provide advice on how to approach and tackle the situation.

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Annual Bullying Survey 2018

Register your interest to take part in The Annual Bullying Survey 2018.
Enrol your secondary school or college to take part in the largest annual benchmark of bullying in the United Kingdom now.

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Join the Community

Signpost your students to join our community to talk about anything from bullying to banter.
On the Ditch the Label community, young people can anonymously seek help and advice from trained digital mentors and other users.


Consisting of 20 Ditch the Label posters and 250 leaflets, the packs are designed to signpost your students to get anti-bullying help and support via the Ditch the Label website. The materials can be freely used around your educational establishment and should be positioned in high student footfall areas to ensure that your students are aware of the support available to them.