Would You Change Your Appearance? Demographic Comparison

As part of The Annual Bullying Survey 2015, we asked young people how they felt about their appearance. We found that 1 in 2 young people would alter how they looked in order to feel better about themselves. Check out our interactive infograph belows to find out how the response varies between different demographics. In

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Are You Beach Body Ready? 10 Reasons Why It’s B*S*

Social media has been divided in a debate over that annoying ‘Are you beach body ready?’ poster currently on the Underground. Here are 10 reasons why that poster is B*S* and why we must condemn it: It’s edited and therefore does not represent a real body The poster suggests that you are only ‘beach body

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Gok Wan: Try to Understand Why People Bully

Excitement doesn’t even describe how we felt when we were given the opportunity to interview one of the most inspirational and loveable public figures on British television: Gok Wan. We spoke with Gok about Ditch the Label, his experiences with bullying and the advice that has for young people being targeted by bullies. Here goes…

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