Emma McGann Blogs About How to Overcome the ‘Social Hierarchy’ at School…

We’ve all had ‘that one friend’ who believes themselves to be higher up the social hierarchy than the rest of the kids at school… Singer-Songwriter Emma McGann, wrote a guest blog for Ditch the Label on how to challenge the label of ‘Queen Bee’… Here’s what Emma had to say: I was different from a

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Inverted Snobbery: “I Was Bullied Because Of Attitudes Towards My Accent, Upbringing and Background”

*Tina experienced bullying because of attitudes towards her accent, upbringing and background I went to the Kings School Ely, a private mixed boarding school near Cambridge from the age of eleven to eighteen and for the most part I have very happy memories of boarding school. Whilst some of the stereotypes of a private education

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Bullying of SEN&D Youth: The Hard Truth

Bullying can of course affect anyone, often leaving young people feeling vulnerable and isolated. This is particularly true for young people with SEN&D (Special Educational Needs and Disability) who may already be experiencing this, thereby creating a double disadvantage. What the Stats Tell Us While we shouldn’t assume that all SEN&D young people will be bullied,

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