1. Stare at them, a lot.

Because intensely boring into the back of someone’s head like you have x-ray vision and can see through their skull and into their brain isn’t creepy, much.

2. Stalk them on social media.

So you were just innocently admiring their new profile picture and then suddenly five hours have passed by and you have clicked through, scrutinised and compared yourself to everyone they’ve ever dated. Somehow you have ended up on the Facebook page of their first cousin once-removed’s step-mum. Your self-esteem is at rock bottom, you are hangry and you need a wee.

3. Pretend you don’t like them.

Hint: If you are mean to them, they are going to think you are fundamentally, a horrible person. Thus, your fantasies (marrying them> having all of their babies > divorcing them > having a brief fling with their BFF > rekindling your romance > remarrying them> dying wrinkled, grey and entwined with one another in a bed on a sinking ship) will unlikely play out how you had hoped.

4. Peacock.

By this I mean, you assume very posed and unnatural stances every time they look at you in an attempt to look sexy. This is until you either miss your leaning post and fall over or catch sight of your reflection and realise you look like a darn fool. A darn fool! People still say that right?

5. Think about them constantly.

You can’t concentrate, sleep or eat because your stomach feels all fluttery and your heart feels like it is going to explode every time you think about them – which is pretty much EVERY WAKING HOUR OF THE DAY. I mean, you’re even dreaming about them. They have literally invaded your unconscious thoughts. They are basically like a really cute version of Freddy Kruger.

6. Pretend to like the same things as them.

Long story short: sooner or later you gonna be found out hunni.

7. Check your phone every second and a half to see if they have text you back. 

Impatience and paranoia are just two signs that you are a product of the Apple-generation. So while I applaud you that you made it to the stage where you have actually exchanged digits with your crush, I now welcome you to phase 2: compulsively checking your phone to see if they have text you/replied to the message you sent 5 minutes ago. Your BFF assures you that if your crush leaves longer than 1.5 seconds between texts, they can’t be that into you. Even though you hate to admit your BFF is right, you have to acknowledge the fact that all millennials have superglued their phone to their hand and would be able to respond instantly if they really wanted to. I mean, it’s not like people have actual lives to live.

8. Pretend to like their BFF in some weird attempt to make them jealous.

Not only does this make you look pretty fickle, but it also means you will probably end up dating, marrying and sinking on the Titanic (see point 3) with someone you don’t actually like.

9. Think they couldn’t possibly like you back.

Because they just might – and you kind of want to avoid reacting like this when you find out they do #Playitcool:

10. Laugh maniacally at all of their jokes even when they are not funny.

Because impersonating Mr. Burns every time they say something vaguely funny probably isn’t that much of a turn-on. Also, if you do end up dating, you are setting the bar too high my friend – you’ll be faking the LOL so often, your face will begin to ache and the constant pain in your cheeks will lead you to resent your crush.

Slowly you’ll begin to loathe the relationship you are in and you’ll forget how to authentically smile. Your brow will furrow. Your relationship will end, you’ll forget how to smile and your brow will permanently furrow. It’s too tragic for words.

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What does it mean when you fancy someone?

It typically means you are attracted to somebody

How do I know if I fancy somebody?

There are lots of different ways and sometimes you may not even realise yourself. But some of the common ways to know include them being in your thoughts a lot, a desire to spend time with them and overthinking each interaction with them.

Ditch the Label are an award-winning youth charity based in the UK. They release the annual bullying survey which is the largest study of its kind. A significant portion of the study looks into our attitudes regarding relationships and friendships. You can learn more about us here.

Sometimes, social media is really sucky. With images of the perfect body, perfect hair, dream holidays, couple goals and bedrooms so immaculate they put your laundry covered floor to shame, it can be exhausting to keep up with how we are supposed to be living our best lives. Not only can it be simply annoying, it can actually make you feel pretty crap about yourself, and even be a contributing factor to issues such as anxiety or depression. That’s why we have compiled a short list of some of the best accounts you can follow to give your social media a mental wellbeing makeover. 

1) For some visual meditation @satisfyingvideo 

This account posts some seriously satisfying videos of all kinds of arts and crafts. From pottery to paint swirling, these guys post videos from across other super satisfying Instagram accounts that will make you feel weirdly calm inside. 

2) For the warm fuzzies @cuteanimals

This account will give you all the warm fuzzies you need to make it through the day. Trust us – this adorable array of puppies, kittens, ducks and others is sure to take the edge off any stress-filled situation. Can anyone say ‘emergency cuteness’?

3) For body positivity @bopo.boy

Body positivity knows no gender. With fitness influencers, sports stars and supermodels dominating the media with standards that are so often out of reach, injecting a bit of positive diversity into our Instagram feeds is something we can all benefit from. @bopo.boy, a.k.a Steven Blaine is leading the charge in male body positivity, and we are here for it! 


4) For us @ditchthelabel 

How could we do a list like this without sneaking ourselves on here? Our feed is packed full of inspirational quotes to get you thinking positively about all aspects of life, love and friendship. Check out our stories for tips and tricks on dealing with the big issues, whilst our feed will give you all the best quotes, cuteness and memes to keep your social media more looking positive than ever before.


5) For some colourful positive vibes @scarrednotscared

This super cute account will give you all the female empowerment body positive vibes that you never knew you needed to brighten up your newsfeed. Michelle Elman, the woman behind the insta @scarrednotscared, is serving looks, self love and body positive memes that will give you the BDE of the gods. 

6) For slime @slime

Sometimes after a stressful day, the only thing that will do it is watching someone play with slime. This account will give you just that, with satisfying AF videos of people playing with the squidgy stuff. 

7) For some inclusive beauty blogging @jakejamie

Make-up knows no gender just like body positivity. When beauty bloggers’ perfect faces illuminated by even more perfect lighting gets old (and it does) Jake is the perfect antidote. With skincare tutorials and product testing soundtracked by some adorable tunes, the Beauty Boy is all about the pretty, but honestly. 


8) For daily inspiration @thegoodquote

A one-stop-shop for all your inspirational quote needs, this account will be throwing some motivational moments into your feed daily and is always ready with something that will remind you that any bad day can be turned around in a heartbeat, and that negativity doesn’t have to last forever.

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Whether its because things haven’t quite gone your way, you’re feeling down in the dumps or just need a little happiness boost, here’s 15 sure-fire ways to get you back on that happy train and become a happier person.

1. Gratitude

Be grateful for all the awesome things you have and all the awesome people you are surrounded with. The more you think about how lucky you are, the more you’ll appreciate things.

2. Treat Yo’ self

We all deserve a treat from time to time: book that holiday, get that massage, eat that cake! You deserve it!

3. Surround yourself with good people

We are a product of our environment. If we’re surrounded by negative people, that negativity is going to get passed on! Hang out with people who make you feel good!

4. Get Silly

Try not to take yourself too seriously. We all need a good amount of fun in our lives, its what keeps us going. Access your silly side for a while, we guarantee you’ll feel better after clowning around for a bit…

5. Get mindful

Your mind will be blown when you realise how mindfulness affects your mood. Getting more in touch with yourself and the things around you will noticeably increase your happiness.

6. Be nicer

When we’re nicer to other people, we feel better about ourselves. Do a selfless act every day starting from now and see how you feel about yourself in 2 weeks time, that’s a challenge.

7. Smile more

When you get on the bus, smile at the driver. When you pay for your lunch, smile at the shopkeeper. When you see someone in the street, smile at them too! Studies have shown that smiling actually does make us feel happier, so turn that frown up-side down.

8. Don’t hold grudges

Grudges are bad for your body and your mind. Holding a grudge means you’re stopping yourself from moving forward. Similarly, if you’ve done something wrong, just say sorry! you’ll feel 100% better for doing it!

9. Laugh more

Laughing has actual, real-life health benefits. It releases endorphins, which make us happy, it boosts our immune system and even burns calories: win, win, win.

10. Have a digital detox every once in a while

Social media makes us doubt ourselves. It can make us feel inadequate and leaves us feeling like we’re not good enough. Take a break, get some perspective and turn it off for a while.

11. Do what you love

Don’t let fear of being laughed at stop you from doing what you love. Find what you’re good at, find what you enjoy and do it til’ you’re an expert.

12. Get active

Exercise makes us feel good. Doesn’t matter what kind, just get that blood pumping and those endorphins flowing!

13. Get enough sleep

Our mood is heavily affected by how much sleep we get. Make sure you’re consistently getting around 8 hours of sleep every night. You’ll feel healthier and happier for doing it!

14. Dance

Studies have shown that dancing connects with the emotional centres in the brain promoting an emotional release. This, coupled with the endorphins our bodies produce when we get our hearts pumping make dancing the perfect recipe for that happiness boost that you’re after.

15. Don’t hold back

Finally, don’t let anyone stop you from being 100% you. We’re at our happiest when we’re comfortable and relaxed, we can’t be these things if we’re always pretending to be someone that we’re not – love yourself.

Wanna talk about it?

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So the most magical time of the year is finally upon us and here at Ditch the Label, we couldn’t be more excited. But, we know it can be a bit of a rubbish time, especially if all your pals are jetting off for some winter sun or heading to the other side of the country to see family they only see once a year. Well, we think that we should always be able to laugh at ourselves when we get stuck in situations like this, which is why we put together this list of struggles only you will understand if you’re the last man standing over the festive break. 

1) You think it’s going to be all fun and games… 

Currently picturing hot chocolate, christmas films, pigs in blankets, gaming tournaments, the new Star Wars movie. Just literally everything that could ever bring you and the gang joy. 

2) …Until you and your pals share your calendars… 

So it looks like you will be Billy No Mates until early 2020 *plays Lonely this Christmas on a loop.

3) …So the only games you’ll be having is Ker-plunk with your parents for the fiftieth time 

Ohhh nooooo the balls all fell down the hooooole again. Oh well, you tried. You can play Rocket League now right? 

4) No one is around to discuss all the epic Christmas TV specials with

All you want for Christmas is someone to watch the Gavin and Stacey special with, and are you going to get it? Nope. 

5) And there is no one around to quote all your fave crimbo movies with either

“BUDDY THE ELF, WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE COLOUR?” (they said to the empty room.) 

6) Don’t even get us started on the horror show that will be your New Years Eve

Watching Jools Holland’s Hootenanny with your parents whilst you polish off the rest of the Roses, in bed before 11pm with a cup of tea. Any other day it might be wonderful, but when it feels like the whole planet is getting their groove on, it’s not the one. 

7) But it’s still the best time of the year 

Christmas can be a bit rubbish for some, but it is also pretty epic. If you are stuck on your lonesome, don’t let it ruin your crimbo. Hang with the family, get your shopping done, do some solo festive fun stuff like baking up an entire gingerbread city. Most importantly, be happy. And if in doubt, always remember, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.

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For us, Halloween is pretty much the best night of the year. Dressing up, scary movies and loads of trick or treating chocolate (even when you are way too old to be pounding the pavements asking for sweets). The thing about it is it can get pretty expensive for most of us on a budget, especially when the costumes are crazy and the celebrations are many. That’s why we’ve thrown this list of last minute Halloween ideas together that are so cheap it’s actually scary. 

1) The most obvious one of course – scary movie marathon 

In our mind, it’s not Halloween without a movie marathon. If the classics like The Shining, Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street don’t feel like your thing, why not do a viewing of the worst scary movies ever made. Sorority Row? Hell yeah.

2) Throw a pumpkin carving party

Make a day of it and head to your nearest pumpkin patch to pick your own, or just pop down to Tesco and grab a butternut squash. How ever you decide to do it, pumpkin (or squash) carving is a great way to get your spooky fill without breaking the bank. 

3) Do a budget costume competition 

With prizes for the worst dressed, most imaginative, and weirdest material, this could be a pretty hilarious way to celebrate the return of winter. Expect A LOT of toilet roll mummies and bed sheet ghosts.  

4) Cook a Halloween themed feast

Hit up some recipes on the internet for the cutest (or most disgusting looking) Halloween treats and get your pals over to eat it all in front of the Horror channel. 

5) Tell ghost stories 

This is a total classic. Get the torches out, put them under your chin like you did when you were at camp, and see who can tell the spookiest story. That’s how Frankenstein got written so it might make you a millionaire one day. 

6) Go old school with your Halloween party 

Make like your seven years old again and get the squad together for the most vintage halloween party you can possibly have. We are talking apple bobbing, we are talking pumpkin carving, we are talking Rocky Horror and eating those huge pick and mix bags of trick or treating chocolate.

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So unless you have been living under a rock, it’s been pretty impossible to avoid Fortnite. The Epic Games smash hit quickly became pretty much the biggest thing on the internet, basically pulling more players than populations of entire countries, from all over the world. Well, it would appear the end game is coming now, because it just blew the F up. Literally. Epic blew it up last night and with that, the internet has once again gone into full meltdown. So, just in case you need something else to do that isn’t staring into the black hole that the game got sucked into (along with all your hopes and dreams amiright?), we bring you a list of the best reactions from across the internet.

1) Reddit is dying rn

Despite it probably being one of the best marketing ideas in history, fans on Reddit are in full meltdown, and most of them are pretty mad. Mostly because no one has any real idea what’s going to happen now. 

But as always, Reddit does not disappoint with it’s wild memes.

2) Here are some of the best reactions Twitter had to offer

Someone figured we would all return to the days of Clippy’s helpful hints from old school Windows computers. 

And the memes are going strong…

3) Even the news is covering it now

In a mad turn of events CBS News covered the Fortnite Blackout on the morning news. In the UK, it’s one of the most read stories on BBC News, and newspapers around the world are writing about it. So if someone ever tells you gaming doesn’t matter, they’re pretty clearly wrong.

4) Apex Legends had to weigh in

Competing games are jumping on the hype bandwagon by posting their own memes in response. Big time opponent Apex Legends joked they were responsible for the Blackout, inviting players to come and play away the black hole pain.

5) Everyone has gone full detective

Seriously. Some CSI stuff is going down on social media. Like, basically everyone is saying that Donald Mustard, who works at Epic, gave a huge hint as to how long we’re locked out for. Basically, he tweeted about the Eiffel Tower which is actually a key example of how long a black hole lasts. If this theory pans out, then the game will be back about 7pm tonight, so buckle up.

Not just that, but the hole has been spitting out numbers for the past 12 hours. Some eagle eyed fans decided to put these into Google Maps, and turns out they are coordinates that take you to the meme of all memes. 

6) And if you believe everything, then Epic Games is leakier than a bucket with a hole in the bottom 

There’s some serious controversy going down as to whether Ninja actually knows ANYTHING about Season 11 after he claimed to have been playing it before all the rest of y’all. He put out a tweet saying 250,000 likes would get you a hint, and that hint was literally a black screen as he whispered the word ‘tacos’. 

Other ‘leaks’ have been new characters, weaponry, even chunks of map. But, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet right? Plus, if it is all leaks, then Epic has got a pretty damn serious plumbing problem if you ask us.

7) And all the while, Fortnite be like…

Blackout. All tweets gone. Just that live stream there to taunt you to hell and back. 

That buffering symbol underneath just wants to watch the world burn. Here’s to Season 11, it’s going to be wild.

There are times in life when your best bud will do something and you’ll sit there and think “if anyone else did that, I’d be so annoyed right now”. That’s not to say your best friend doesn’t annoy you – that’s probably why they’re your best friend – but somehow they seem to get away with absolutely everything. So we’ve made a list of all the annoying things your best bud does… yet gets off scot-free. 

1) They’re Never on Time

It doesn’t matter what time you tell them, they’ll always be late. You can tell them you’ll be there in half an hour, two hours time, even give them three days to get ready and you know they’ll still be 5 minutes late just to get on your nerves. It’s almost impressive how good they are at it. 

2) They Know Everything

Easily the worst part of having a best mate is the fact they know everything you’ve ever done. Even the things you’ve forgotten about. And, for some reason, they only remember the embarrassing stuff. 

3) They Use It Against You

It doesn’t matter how much you trust them, you never know when they’ll next embarrass you with stories about that time you farted out loud in class in year 5.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is giphy.gif


4) They Trip You Over

It’s classic banter to trip up your buddy or make them walk into things or push them into bushes. And your best mate knows this. And does it to you. Regularly.

5) They Come Round and Eat Your Food

Like when they come over to yours and eat three packets of crisps. Do they not have crisps at home? Animals.

6) Then They Never Leave

Oh that’s it, by the way. Once they’ve come round they’re staying. And they’ll always stay that extra bit longer than you want just to annoy you. Just hope your parents don’t ask if they’re staying for dinner.

7) They Know That One Thing That Annoys You

They know exactly what to do to push your buttons. That exact one thing. Like making loud eating sounds because they know it really, really gets on your nerves.

8) And They Know When to Do it

They’re very timely with their annoying behaviour. They’ll message you late at night when they know you’ll be asleep just so they can wake you up again. It’s clever really.

9) And They Don’t Stop Doing It

Worst of all, it’s relentless. You’ll be sure it’s gotten old and they’ll have stopped doing it by now. But just when you expect it least, they’ll do it again. The commitment to being annoying is almost admirable. Almost…

10) They’ll Always Be Your Best Friend

The most annoying thing they do is being your best mate. Forever. You’re stuck with them. You joke about getting rid of them, but really it’s great that you’ll always be best buds over long distances, time apart and even if you only see each other once a year. No matter what happens, no matter how much they embarrass the hell out of you; you wouldn’t change them for the world. 

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is giphy.gif


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You got that feeling in your stomach where you kinda feel like you could throw up? Maybe they’ve been stuck in your head for longer than Old Town Road? Well, it sounds like you got a crush. When you fancy someone, it can be totally overwhelming to know what to do. How do you talk to them? What do you say? How do you not scare them off? All these questions, we got the answers. 

1) Don’t sit 56 weeks back in their Instagram 

Hey, if you aren’t hanging out in their past, you definitely can’t accidentally like something. Plus going up to them and reciting every holiday and pet they’ve ever had in the past five years is probably only going to freak them out. Keep your cool, and do you. 

2) Have fun with it

So, it might seem a little overwhelming at this point, and when you can’t get someone out of your head it can be easy to forget to just be you. Despite this, it’s a really exciting time when you like someone or when something is just starting out, so remember to have fun. Chat to close friends about it, and then drop the subject and just have a good time like always. Letting your crush take over your life is a quick way to annoy your mates, and probably have this information work its way straight to the ears of the person you fancy. 

3) Try not to let on to too many people 

It might be tempting to shout from the rooftops that you are feeling super into this person and if you want to do that, then nothing should stop you. The only thing to remember is that information travels fast, and can very easily get somewhere you don’t want it to. Save yourself the stress and keep it under wraps until you feel really certain. 

4) Get some intelligence from mutual friends

If you aren’t sure you are ready to talk to them but still need to know their current relationships statue, go to a trusted friend that you share, or someone you think might know. Casually drop it into conversation rather than making the whole interaction about that and they won’t suspect a thing. This way, if they are dating someone, you know before you do anything else. 

5) Talk to them

Spending time with them. Sounds simple, we know. But it really is the best way to get some face time with them. You can see if your personalities gel, find out things you have in common and see if you share a sense of humour. It’s a sure-fire way to see if you two would actually work out IRL, and you can usually pick up on signals from them if they like you too. Get a little flirty and see what happens. Don’t be nervous, you got this. 

6) Be yourself 

The most important thing to remember is that when you like someone, you should be you and nothing else. Whilst it might seem like a good idea to say you have definitely watched all the Lord of the Rings movies, enjoy musicals or play an instrument because they do, it will come back to bite you when actually have to do these things. Besides, if they don’t love you at your Civil War Captain America, then they don’t deserve you at your Endgame Captain America.

And if it doesn’t work out for you… 

7) Respect their decision 

So, it sucks that they don’t feel the same way. Of course, it sucks. But it’s important to respect that this is how it’s turned out and move on. We know that every rom-com, romantic novel and soap opera in the world would make you think that pursuing them endlessly would make it work, but it only comes off creepy. Need help moving on? Check out this list of things you can do to get over someone.

8) Remember, it’s just this time

We aren’t gonna say there are plenty more fish in the sea. But just because it didn’t work out this time does not mean it won’t work out next time you meet someone you quite like. We absolutely promise that one day, someone will come along who likes you too, and it will all work out exactly as you hoped. 

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Student, influencer, model, LGBT activist and all round great guy, Max Hovey writes about his experiences of being the last single guy in his friendship group.

‘You know that third wheel feeling? When you’re a complete spare part and feel left out? Well how about fifth wheeling? Or seventh or ninth wheeling? How about out of literally every single one of your friends, you’re the ONLY one not in a relationship.

It sucks.

Any form of gathering – “boyfriends / girlfriends welcome!”. I just end up on the floor with the resident dog (I mean not that there’s anything wrong with that, I’d probably still end up doing that even if I was in a relationship). My point is, I get it, it can feel very lonely. I’m in that situation myself, all of my friends are in relationships, and I mean every single one. Not just “oh they’ve got a new boyfriend again”, I’m talking long-term committed relationships. 

Then there’s me, a single man who carries his cat to his food bowl to make him feel special. Dating sucks, like really sucks, especially in this day and age. Gone are the days when you’d bump into someone in Sainsbury’s as you reach for the last apple, lock eyes and fall in love (we all want that love story, don’t lie). Or have someone offer to buy you a drink at the bar, you chat, take their number and arrange a date another day. No no no, that’s a rarity for millennials. It’s all about swiping, liking, posting, commenting, posing. Which eventually (9 times out of 10) can lead to the magical new concept of ghosting. Any wonder it’s so difficult?

But here’s the thing, not everyone is like that. It’s not your problem if someone doesn’t swipe right on tinder, or ghosts you, or just wants sex. That is NEVER your fault. It’s usually their own internal issue that they don’t quite know how to handle.

So what can you do about it? Nothing. I know that’s probably not the answer that you wanted but it’s true. I think I was deleting and re-downloading tinder at least twice per month. The endless cycle of wanting someone, not finding them and deleting the app, then feeling lonely and re-downloading it. Online dating can be great, but it’s too forced. Don’t get me wrong sometimes it works! But it rarely does.

So just stop looking. Love yourself, and wait for someone else to love you back. Be happy as the single friend, buy that dine in for 2 meal deal and eat both, eat that share bag, go to the gym because it makes you feel good. Have a romantic meal in with your dog on Valentine’s Day. If you feel like you need to neck tequila to get through yet ANOTHER couple filled gathering, just do it.

So, my advice, just be you. The right person will come along. I know it sounds corny, but it’s true. Searching for love can be a lonely journey, but waiting for it can be full of enjoyment, self-acceptance and well, dogs.

Anyway, you do you – and others if it makes the waiting a little more bearable.’

For more from Max, follow his Instagram @max_hovey

Check out Max’s article 8 Lessons Coming Out Has Taught Me here

A group of people graduating and throwing their caps in the air.

September brings the end of summer and the end of summer means back to school. We know, you didn’t want to hear it yet but it’s time to face up to the denial and admit you’re going to uni pretty damn soon. If you’re going into your first year then we’ve got some good news; we’ve made a list of all the situations you’re likely to find yourself in before you actually find yourself in them. Just a helping hand – you’re welcome.

1) The “Missing’ Food

The fridge debate is an age-old university problem. Who gets what shelf, how do we split up the door shelves and which unlucky one is stuck with the weird plastic bin-like drawers at the bottom. What really adds salt to the wound is the secret robberies that take place. Like when some rascal keeps stealing your milk and you don’t know who it is. Sure, you’ve got your suspects but you need cold, hard evidence to accuse someone of such a heinous crime. This is why people start writing their names on everything. That’s probably not a sign of a healthy flat dynamic though. 

2) Accidentally Over-Shopping

Right, so you go to the shops because you need to pick up one little thing and you end up leaving with nine more items than you wanted in the first place. Don’t worry, you’ll still forget the only thing you came into the shops for. Like that time you bought all the ingredients for a really nice pasta – chicken, a nice mushroom sauce, parmesan cheese – and then forgot to get any pasta. We’ve all done it. To be fair it’s bloody hard to not notice all the cool things they sell at supermarkets – who knew they did vegan magnums? Unreal.

3) Homesickness

It’s a totally normal and human thing to get homesick. It doesn’t make you weak that you’re missing your family, your dog or your bed and we guarantee that everyone else will go through it at some point as well. You’re in a new environment with new people you don’t properly know yet and sometimes you need a good cuddle without anyone asking why. The best thing you can do is call home (maybe even a FaceTime if your parents are tech savvy enough) and have a good catch up. Then ask your closest mate at uni if they fancy going out for a pint/tea/coffee/food or whatever; just so you can have a good chat. Don’t feel like you have to chat to them about it but, equally, it can be helpful to do so. Remember that you’ll see them before you know it. 

4) Physical Sickness 

Everyone does this one. You spend all week pulling all-nighters, overtired and eventually, mixed with the endless pot noodles and ready meals for dinner, you’ll fall ill. They call it ‘Freshers Flu’ but here’s how to recover when you inevitably get it. Start resting and eat properly. It’s too easy to eat what you want because Mum’s not about to tell you to eat your vegetables. But, trust Mum, it’s in your best interest to eat well and look after yourself. You never listen. You’ll learn at some point. Mum’s not angry, just disappointed.

5) Spending Half the Time in Your Mates Room

Honestly, there’s something so comforting about sitting in your best mates room, three hours into a deep chat about the state of the government, when you only popped your head round the door to ask if they wanted a tea. We know it seems daunting now, but these people will become your best mates and you’re going to be spending a lot of time together – so make the effort to get to know them now. 

6) How to Cook/Wash/Survive by Yourself

God knows why they don’t teach you this stuff at school. A washing machine looks like a big, unsolvable Rubik’s Cube to us. Cooking, washing and managing not to die is a big part of growing up so looks like it’s time to learn how. It doesn’t mean that your flatmates will learn how to clean though. Be prepared to walk in on an Olympic level game of ‘Bin Tetris’ because no one wants to take it out, or a search for a clean mug because all of them are dirty in the sink thanks to your flatmates. You’ll be fine. Probably. 

7) Pasta is Your Best Friend

Carbs, carbs, carbs. The perfect uni student runs off copious amounts of pasta. They’ve progressed from the pot noodles and microwave meals onto the sustainable future: endless bowls of pasta. Sometimes you might even eat it straight out of the saucepan. Saves on washing up doesn’t it?

8) We’re All in the Same Boat

We know it’s nerve wracking to meet so many new people; especially the ones you’re living with for the next year. But remember, you’re all in the same situation. Try to keep calm, take some deep breaths and knock on your neighbour’s door to say hello. People will also be grateful for the chance to get out of their room and introduce themselves too.

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