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Introduce yourself

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New to Ditch the Label? Or just want to get to know our Community? Introduce yourself here.

General Bullying Questions

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General help and advice on bullying.

Sexuality, Dating & Relationships

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Got a question about coming out? Think you've met your bae? Talk about sexuality and the highs and lows of dating and relationships here.

Appearance & Body Image

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Got a question about your body? Or feeling low about your appearance? Everything related to your physical appearance goes here.


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Anything and everything relating to gender. Including transitioning, identity, femininity and masculinity. Get advice and support and share your story here.

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How are you feeling today? Discuss physical and mental health here and get relevant advice from others going through the same thing and health professionals.


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Being bullied online or seen something that has made you feel a bit... meh? Use this forum to talk about the good, bad and ugly parts of the internet.

Friends and Family

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Fallen out with a friend or having issues at home? Whatever the problem, we can help you fix it. Post friend and family related questions here.

I'm bullying somebody

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If you're bullying others, it's important to know that you can talk about it and let it off your chest. We are here to help you through it.


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Help, advice and discussions on all aspects of disability.

Race, culture & religion

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For those all important race, culture and religion discussions, chat here.

Brag Box

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Buzzing? Just done something you never thought you'd be able to do? We want to hear about it! Welcome to Brag Box, the place where everybody is winning at life.

Rant Box

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Had a bad day? Feeling pissed and want to get something off your chest? Welcome to the Rant Box, the place where everything goes wrong and it really hits the fan.

Off Topic

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Literally anything goes. From cute cats and memes to Ariana Grande and #gamergate.

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Check back often for competitions, announcement and guest visits from celebrities and partners!

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