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Community Guidelines

We are a leading international anti-bullying charity. We are defiant, innovative and most importantly, proud to be different. We believe in a world that is fair, equal and free from all types of bullying.

We want to create a safe online space where all users feel empowered to get support and give support. Here are the behaviour guidelines to ensure a safe and welcoming community for everyone to access.



Respect other users in all your communication. That means it is unacceptable to post questions or answers that insult, intimidate, threaten, bully or harass other users.

Ditch the Label has a zero tolerance policy on discrimination, prejudice and all forms of bullying.


Report abuse

Use the report button if you find any content abusive or inappropriate. A Ditch the Label moderator will review it and take action, removing content where necessary.



Please do not share your personal information (for example: name, address, telephone number) or ask for the personal information of other users.

Never share anything illegal or any offensive content, such as graphic or violent images.

If anyone asks you to share anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, or if you’re not sure if you should share, please let a Ditch the Label moderator know immediately.


Keep your clothes on

Never share anything that is sexually explicit (for example: naked selfies) – it’s not a dating site.


Your Well Being

The safety and wellbeing of everybody is our priority and we will treat everything you tell us with the strictest confidence. The only time we will have to share information with anyone else is if we suspect you, or someone else is at risk of harm.

To read more on this, please see our Safeguarding Policy


Use of Community

This community is intended predominantly for young people who have been impacted by the issue of bullying to give, share and get advice. If this isn’t you and you don’t have the express consent from Ditch the Label, you may not use the platform.

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