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  • I want to talk about a picture I posted on Instagram recently

    Hey guys, Bea Miller here.

    I'm gonna be checking in to Ditch the label's Community over the next few days to answer your questions and to talk to you about things that actually matter.

    To get things started, I want to talk about a picture I posted on Instagram recently which caught the attention of another woman, who called me a slut just for having confidence.

    Instead of reading this as the negative comment it was intended to be, I decided to hear it as someone calling me a sweet little unforgettable thing and turn it into a positive message to hopefully empower other women.

    So now, I want to hear from you. I've created this space to be a safe place for you to share your own thoughts and experiences in and about the word with me.

    Leave your comments below!

    love, bea

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    Hey Bea!! I feel the same. I get called a slut all the time and it's usually from other girls and I don't understand why. Like we should be there to pull each other up'?


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      Hey Bea,

      I have been slut-shamed and it drives me mad that people do it the whole time to one another, the worst is when women do it to each other like we don't have enough problems.

      So cool you are here, thank you for starting this thread. ??


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        hey bea!!! ?sorry that happened to you! The fact that you made a good thing from a bad experience is really cool. I'm gonna do that in future, next time someone says something mean on social media I'm going to find way to turn it around and use that negative energy for positive things!

        Thanks for the inspo, love your song btw!



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          Hey Bea, love the video!!! ugh whenever I wear some of my clothes I get told that i'm giving off a certain "look".... like my clothes create a bad impression. I mean they are just clothes you can't judge a person by what they wear, right!?

          Love the way you turn it positive. Next time someone makes a comment I'm just gonna own it like you do.



          • Mammu
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            Hey @looley1!
            Some of my "friends" also tell me certain things when I wear some of my clothes to school. Like a little bit cropped sweater and a sweatery like blouse with one shoulder. I just decided not to do anything about it and no, you can´t and shouldn´t judge a person by their clothes.