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  • I hate my body

    So ever since I was about 8 or 9 I started comparing myself to other girls always thinking the ame thing over and over again 'I am fat, they are so skinny I wish I was like them' or other things along those lines.
    This behaviour is still going on and I compare myself to people all the time. As I explained on another post I am bi and have a crush on this girl but she is 10kg more than me but I still feel fatter is this normal?

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    Hey TheRainWing,

    Thank you for sharing... It is so common, especially for females, to constantly feel pressure to look a certain way, and to constantly compare ourselves to those around us.

    I wanted to share this article on body dysmorphia... maybe you've heard the term before? The way we see and treat ourselves is crucial for our own health and happiness. The Law of Attraction is one I'm working on, for lots of areas of my life. I practice saying "I love and accept myself and body for where it is at, at this moment," and "I am thankful that my body can do __, __, and __." It doesn't mean I can't work on bettering my health, but loving yourself, now, is huge!


    And another thing I practice is treat myself like I'm my own best friend. You mention this girl, and how you love and accept them with the body they have. Send yourself the same love! And-- know that you are lovable and worthy of love (worthiness does not lie in our looks)!