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    Hey All!

    This has been a common topic-- people feel less beautiful than they are. We are bombarded with images of what we 'should' look like, no matter what sex/gender/sexuality we are. And with those images, we compare ourselves to celebrities-- and even to people we may know, who 'do' or 'don't' fit those 'ideal beauty's'.

    Well, if you've found your way here, we know you're looking to see your beauty. We encourage this journey for building self-confidence and self-love!

    We've created a few resources around the topic of feeling ugly-- check our our video ""Do You Feel Ugly?"" ( and article ""Am I Ugly?":

    In this thread we want to provide opportunities for you to share and grow and see into the most beautiful version of yourself.

    We are going to start a few prompts- we'd love for your voice to be in the conversation. Maybe you have questions for the group, too-- would love to hear.

    ** How To Use This Thread**
    - If you want to post your own question/prompt, hit the "Reply to This Post" Button
    - If you'd like to comment/answer another person's question/prompt, hit the "Comment" button on the right side of their reply.
    - And always remember to be respectful and empathetic toward people's experiences

    Two questions...
    A) What do you feel you have the lowest confidence around?
    B) What are three things you love about yourself/are proud of about yourself/goals for the future?


    Here's a quiz about self-esteem:

    And here's a couple articles that talk about the subject of building confidence/self-esteem. Which one is the most helpful?

    "10 Things You Need to Know About Confidence..."

    "Top 10 Tips for Overcoming Low Self-Esteem"

    "5 Ways to Boost Self-Esteem"

    "Shelby Lynch's Top Ten Tips for Feeling Confident"

    "How to Embrace and Be Yourself"
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        mmm this is something I struggle with.

        here goes...

        I have lowest confidence over my weight.

        3 things I am proud of is that I am a good friend, I like my smile, and I've just got work experience in my dream job!

        What are some of yours????????



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