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Race Makes me ugly

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    I am african American. And I’ve gotten a few compliments in the past on my looks but no matter how many compliments I get I feel that if I had lighter skin or a lighter eye color or softer hair texture I would be attractive. I would make friends easier, I would have a boyfriend, I would be happier overall
    Hello Josie,

    I just wanted to reach out to you. I'm also a black woman who struggled with accepting their beauty for a long time and have really curly hair and it made me sad to hear you wanting to change this amazing thing about yourself. It took me a long time but I now love and embrace my blackness soooo much. We have #blackgirlmagic and there is so much to be so proud of about who we are people always want what we bring look around the media today.

    We always seem to think if I could change this or change that then things will be better or our life would be easier but the truth is you will just find something else to want to change about yourself. The best thing you can try to do is love what ya got! I know this is not easy but you just have to try and catch yourself every time you want to say something negative.

    For most people the most attractive quality is confidence and being comfortable within yourself. Try following some amazing black influencers, this insta account and artists like Lizzo, Lupito Nyongo. We should be so proud of our melanin it makes us so so beautiful. I will be here for you whenever you need a reminder that black is beautiful

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