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  • fivehead mess.

    So recently I ditched bangs and I’ve been feelings more confident than ever. I took a picture with my best friend and I just can’t get over how big my forehead is. It makes me feel so ugly and all my confidence just goes down again. I feel ugly. I was bullied from 2nd-7th grade (now I’m in 11th.) And I’ve struggled with body confidence a lot.

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    It won’t let me post it so, if you’d like to see I can email or message it to you on social media.


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      collete4 Hi there, I'm sorry this has made you feel so bad. Body confidence / self-esteem takes a lot of work and all of us have dips from time to time. As you have spoken about, it can just take one photo to make us feel awful. The reality is though that most of the time we focus on a particular feature that no one else ever notices or it's a feature other people really like about us.

      What you are feeling is very real but it's not always how others actually see us. Have your friends said they like the bangs on you?