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Severe Height Deficiency At School

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    Hello guys. I just made a thread down below about cyber bullying attacks from earlier this year that completely changed my perspective on how I look, but there's something else I wanted to touch base on. I feel very unsatisfactory with my height at the moment. I am currently ~14.5 years of age and as of May I was only 5' 3", I might have grown an inch since then but I'm not entirely sure. Nearly all of the people shorter than me haven't hit their puberty growth spurt yet and I'm one of the shortest people in all my classes. I don't want to end up being to short when I grow up, and I spend way more time than I should contemplating how tall I will be when I grow up. Could you guys please help me out here? Thank you so much once again!
    Hey Seanidy

    If you are only 14.5 you still have about 10 years left of growing to do so there is still plenty of time to grow. Plus there is nothing wrong with being short, look at Daniel Radcliffe (5ft4), James Franco and Tom Cruise (5ft7). No matter what height you are going to be in the future, you cannot change it by worrying about it so try and push your energies towards something more constructive for yourself.



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