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  • I feel so ugly

    I searched online “How to stop being ugly” and a page on this website came up. I just feel so horrible about myself, and these days it’s especially worse. I look in the mirror every day and I can always point out the things that I hate about myself immediately. Even when I think I look okay, as soon as someone takes a picture of me I always look horrible in it. Yet all my friends say I look fine and even my boyfriend tells me I’m beautiful but I can’t help but hate the way I look. I constantly wish that I looked like someone else.

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    This post embodies how I feel. It’s completely unwarranted in the eyes of others, but I feel horrible when there is a reflection around.


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      Hi! I am new here. I just typed in google if "I was ugly" and I was prompted to this website. I didn't know other people felt that way about themselves. I thought it was just me. Because whenever I mention it to anyone, they try to reassure me that I am not ugly, which I get why they are doing. they don't want to hurt my feelings. but then I wonder how come I don't feel any different or become sad about how I look.


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        Hey Jakobe newp123 and k8vp

        I hear that you are all feeling a bit crappy about the way that you look. But it sounds like the people around you can see the beauty in you?! And don't you see beauty in the people around you. If you looked like someone else you wouldn't be you! We are all unique and life would be so so boring if we all looked the same.

        I hear you though, I am no stranger myself to listening to that little voice in my head that tells me I am not good enough, but you have to challenge that voice and start finding things to love about yourself daily. It takes time but it has to start with your mindset and everything else will be able to fall into place.

        At least we know we aren't alone feeling like this from time to time.



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          Is there any way I can get myself to stop listening to that voice?