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  • My Looks Feel Like the Cause for All My Problems

    Hey guys. Some admins may remember me as the person who has dealt with self-esteem issues after a cyber bullying attack about my looks. It has gotten more psychologically severe since then. I constantly feel that lots of the bad stuff that happens to me is because of my looks, and sometimes that is what my mind turns to when such events happen. I have never dated anyone when everyone else has. It's because of my looks. People don't text me first. It's because of my looks. And it gets more extreme from there. My friends don't let me talk when they are all together. It's because of my looks. People refuse to make physical contact with me. It's because of my looks. I get a question wrong on a quiz. It's because of my looks. I deal with severe gaming addiction. It's because of my looks. I don't know what else to do, nobody tells me I look at least average looking either. I don't know what to do at this point, my emotions are taking over more than they usually do. Please help me if you can. Thank you. - Sean

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    Seanidy Hi, I'm so sorry to hear this as it can feel really overwhelming. I know your feelings are real but sometimes our mind defaults to this in times of stress and anxiety. Haver you had any help at all with this before though doctors and/or counselling? A skilled therapist can give you coping strategies and techniques that are incredibly helpful. It does take time and practice and eventually the techniques become 2nd nature. You are absolutely worth this help. Do you have a relative or friend who understands what you are going through?


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      I have, and it has helped slightly, and the only people who know what I am going through are a small handful of church friends and people I can relate to. I don't know what to do, I'm overall just really angry at the world and want to get plastic surgery or something, if weight loss, haircuts, cleaner skin, etc. won't cut it, then I might be considering plastic surgery or something on those lines.


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        It's definitely worth seeing a doctor or counsellor again. I realise that surgery in some circumstances can help some people but it won't do anything regarding underlying issues of confidence and self worth. It would be awful to go through all of that and then still feel low.