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  • Cyber bullying

    My daughter has been the victim of cyber bullying, the school and 1 of the parents will not do anything about it. Instagram say it doesn’t go against their polices. My daughter does not want to go back to school and is incredible hurt and upset. What do I do?

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    Hello Tinkerbell

    The school should have a cyber-bullying policy on their website which should clearly state what is the school's policy regarding behaviour management. Could you provide some more context as to the extent of the cyber-bullying.

    We have a reporting tool in which we can escalate reports to social media platforms such as Instagram, you can do so here www.ditchthelabel.org/report.

    It may be worth trying to organise a mediation with the school to attempt to reintegrate your daughter back into class?



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      You can also encourage your daughter to use this support forum if she would like to.