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  • Stuttering/Stammering

    You call it Stammering in the UK, we call it Stuttering here in the USA.

    Anyone else here grow up with it?

    It was one of the things I was bullied and teased about the most when I was a kid.

    I've done it since I was four, and that was more than three decades ago. Either you grow out of it, or you don't. My speech has improved profoundly from therapy when I was in school, but i will never be completely fluent.

    I mainly wanted to post this to see if anyone else here has experienced it, and to say that It Gets Better. You can get to a place where it doesn't stop you from doing the things you want, like talking on the phone or speaking in front of people.

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    Hey Copectic,

    Awesome post, thank you for sharing so honestly about your experience.

    I have no doubt someone soon will read this and be so grateful to know it gets better.




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      I'm sorry to hear that you were bullied for stuttering but am happy that it turned out good!! Thank you for posting!!!


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        What I get from people these days is mostly ignorance. Every once in a while I'll have someone finish my sentences. (Do NOT do this with someone who stutters... if you're wrong about what they're going to say, it's even more rude)

        What's baffling is that occasionally, someone will be so completely unfamiliar with it that they'll laugh due to it sounding funny. We're not talking kids on the playground, we're talking about work clients in professional situations - adults that are old enough to know better. But then I get to have polite and informative conversations with their bosses


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          Hey Copacetic, ??

          Thanks for sharing, it's important people are told what is ok and what is a big fat not ok when talking to people with stutters. It always seems to boil down to ignorance.

          How do people react if you give some feedback that finishing your sentence is not helpful and however unintentionally they did it, it is still disrespectful?

          Wow, that blows my mind that you have experienced that from adults in the work place. If I had to try and understand I would say it probably comes from people lacking enough empathy and sensitivity to respond from a place of compassion instead of judgement.

          What tips would you give to anyone struggling with stammering/stuttering?

          Sending support. ??