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How do you deal with incompetent medical professionals?

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    To give some context I have cerebral palsy and have had since birth. it's a condition that I have worked very hard to overcome my whole life and have never used it as an excuse but this week has just been one gut punch after another. I live with chronic pain because of my condition and have to take medication daily. recently it's not really been helping so I went to my GP and his only advice is that I'm clearly not doing enough exercise (I swim between 3 and 6 times a week) so I should take up cycling. The specialists that I see have always told me to be careful of weight bearing sports because it can put too much pressure on my weakened muscles/joints. When I tried to explain that to my GP he just ignored me and carried on talking about cycling. So now I'm stuck on medication that isn't doing it's job and pain that is getting harder and harder to manage. HELP
    Hello there SpnWinchester

    Thanks for sharing this with us here and I am so sorry you have had a bad experience with your GP. If I were you I would get a second opinion and request to see another Dr at the same surgery. Doctors are human and can make mistakes too and you know yourself better than anyone else. You have a choice over your care so book another appointment and say how you felt and that you would like to speak to someone else.

    Sending to much positivity your way and hope you find the right medication to manager your pain soon.



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