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  • I got diagnosed with being in the Spectrum.I feel frustrated.

    Happy Holidays!
    My name is Maria and i just graduated from my Bachelor studies. It took me 2 years extra to finish them,but now its over. In school i was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD. But my parents ignored that and behaved to me like i did not face any difficulties. I chnaged 3 schools until i graduated. I entered the University without having any help as i could get with having learning dissability. I thought even my self that maybe i did not have any of that. But as i was studying i felt again that i struggled a lot and i did not have the results i wished with the studying i did. After each semester i got fatigue. In the end of my 4 year of studies i understood that i can't continue like that anymore and i thought i need to do something. Last year i went to the student counsel and i told them about my learning dissabilities and i went to get a diagnosed. I went to get diagnosed for ADHD and after the assesment the doctor in the hospital told me that i have ADD and that i also have High Functional Autism.That happened 2 weeks ago,i was feeling dissapointed and frustrated with my parents. I told them the diagnose i have and they acted like they did not hear anything. Its okay with my parents,but now i do not know what to do.I mean i don't know what to do with being in the spectrum. I live in Europe,Greece. My country isn't good organized and i searched in the internet,but i only found 2 organizations,one for children and one for severe autism.
    Thanks for hearing my story. Sorry for the hugge length of it.
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    korra I'm sorry you've had such a bad experience as it sounds like it made everything a lot more difficult than it needed to be. It sounds like you may have to search for information wider than Greece and I've put some links below which should be a start. I completely understand that the more you know, the more you can 'take control' of it all and find ways to manage things. At your University, do they have any student support services? It would be good to find out if you can get extra help with your university work (this could be help and/or more time with handing work in) and also support for when you are feeling low, especially when you have such a new diagnosis. It would definitely be worth asking them what help is available.



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      [email protected],

      thank you for the reply.
      Yes,in my University there is a student support service. I used to go in the past . I will start going again. I hope I will get some information about my diagnose.
      Thank you for the links. I read some of the information that you send me.
      I am feeling better now. I was frustrated after I got the diagnose. I am just thinking that the difficulties I had in my previous job(it was my first job working in the HR sector)won't go away,because of what I have. I can't work under pressure and in a antagonistic environment. So now I need to think what jobs I can do that won't stress me so much.I hope I will cope better with the work environment.


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        I completely understand and it's okay to get frustrated and it can be overwhelming at times. I like how proactive you are on looking for jobs that will suit you - keep us updated!

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      Thank you for the support ! I feel encouraged. I will


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