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  • My Parents Are Arguing And IDK What To Do

    My mum and dad are CONSTANLY arguing about something, mostly because of my dad.

    He is all the way type A and is crazy smart. With a background in physics and chemistry, he's always right, or he can twist it so he is. He treats my mom and I like crap and while he doesn't really raise a hand towards us, I've done my research and I think he's emotionally abusive. He hits almost every bulletpoint. I got into a big argument with him, and told him this by accident and he yelled at me. Like, actually yelled. Imagine a 6'2 bald guy with a gotee who looks like he's straight from a biker gang yelling. It's terrifying. He told me he wished I was in an actual abusive home so I would know what it's like. We're missionaries, and because i broke my knee and didn't go to church today (it was swollen and it hurts like nobody's business ) he said we're (my mom and I) terrible at it and that we should come off the field. My mum threatened divorce but it didn't really seem to have an effect on him. I don't know what to do. He's only really hit me twice, so i don't feel unsafe with him, but I'm tired of being treated like this. Help!


    My mum just stormed out of the house because he told her that her side of the story and their marrige was (and I quote) bullshit. I'm stuck here with him now and she left her phone. Help!

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    Hello AriaBee,

    When and where did your father hit you? Has he ever left a mark and did you tell your mum about this.

    I know it's hard for it 'not to be your problem.' but your parents relationship will be very complex, and as their child it isn't your job to fix anything. You could let them know how their arguing is making you feel which may make them a bit more empathetic to arguing in front of you. If you ever feel unsafe, make sure you tell someone and get out of the house.

    Some people struggle to regulate their tempers and it sounds like your Dad has done this before.

    Do you have a friends house you can go to when the arguing gets bad?



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      Last year I was being kind of a brat I guess and he smacked me across the face, but other than it being a little red (if that), its never left a mark. He's only really smacked me twice, just across the face and once when I was under a blanket and he couldn't tell. That ended up being the back of my head. My mum promised that if anything ever happened, she would take me and leave.


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        AriaBee hey, I'm sorry this happened as no one deserves to be struck like this. Do you feel safe at home while all of this is going on?

        Sometimes it can be helpful if a family friend or relative can support you in speaking to your parents in how this is affecting you and takes the 'pressure' of you doing it all alone. Is there anyone you can confide in?