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I am all alone HELP

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    I have a big problem with making friends. I am an introvert but I am ok with that.
    the problem is that this fall I am going to uni in another city where I don't know anyone. I don't have a lot of friends now and I find it hard to talk to others. I spent to years at school all alone and it was very hard for me. However last year I managed to make one friend with whom I lost contact this summer. I think my problem is to maintain a friendship rather than talking to people in the first place. I believe I am not interesting enough and that they will not choose to spend time with me. I also find it hard to speak when I am with a lot of people. I will never say my opinion or anything unless I now them for a lot of time. I am always quiet.
    this October I am going to university. the problem is that I won't be able to make friends because I will have to meet 135 people and someone should invite me to join a company which is hard because I am not interesting. I will be chaotic because we will be all in an amphitheater. I don't want to be alone but sometimes I find it easier to leave than talk to disappear. I am scared. Any advice?
    Hello Art1234

    Welcome to the community.

    It's a totally normal fear to be nervous when heading to a new university, I promise you every person attending uni for the first time will be feeling the same way, so don't worry you are not alone! Have a read of our guide about how to make new friends at uni. I'm sure you are interesting, most people just want to be listened to, so its important to ask questions like what are you interested in and what kind of music do you like etc. At freshers fair they will have soooooo many stalls with clubs and societies that you can join. This is such a perfect way to make friends and the older people in the clubs usually have lots of teambuilding activities to help you settle in.

    You are not alone and unii could be a really amazing fresh start for you, there will definitely be other introverted people there. Also, get chatting to your neighbour next door to you in your lectures then you will have someone to buddy up with to write assessments.

    I hope this helps,



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