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  • Best ways to support my best friend with coming out.


    My best friend came out to me this weekend and i am so happy that she trusts me enough to come to me! I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on the best way i can support her through this time?
    Or if you came out to a friend what did they do that you appreciated?

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    curley Hey - how amazing! It's an awesome reflection on you that she chose to share. Starter tips from me: 1) ask her if there is anything that you could do or if she needs anything from you 2) ask if she would like you to attend clubs or events with her as an ally 3) continue with all the things you already do as friends rather than make her sexuality a main focus (unless she tells you otherwise) It's an incredibly important part of her life but she clearly values your friendship and may not want this to become the only thing you talk about 4) be there as an ally in support if she experiences any negativity 5) Tell her that you are so happy that she told you and that you will be there if she needs you.


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      thanks blondie, that all sounds like great advice. like you say I don't want this to be all we talk about but i want to support her and make sure she knows I am always here to lean on I can't imagine the emotions she is going through but so far she seems happy

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    curley You're doing great!