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  • Making new friends

    hiya - I am looking for some advice on making new friends.i moved to a new area a couple of years ago but im quite shy so i haven't really gone out of my way to make new friends. i play a lot of video games and find it easier to talk to people online but this year i want to make some friends in person and be more sociable.
    I have spoken to people online about meeting up with our dogs but i never follow through with it as im really nervous meeting new people and worrying about what they will think of me.

    any advice? thanks

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    curley I think a lot of people will relate to this but it's so worth taking that leap a good idea is to look at joining something like a club or meet up that has similar interests to you so you already have a starting point. Most of them are great for welcoming new people. If you're feeling a bit braver then try joining something which you've never done to challenge yourself a bit Puppy classes are always an amazingly easy way to meet people and you can try and meet up outside of the class to walk your puppies together.


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      Thanks blondie i am going to make one of my goals for this year to sign up for some sort of social club locally. I am going to miss the first puppy class next week but im going to go to the next one and like you said see if anybody would like to meet up outside of the classes!