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    Fear of everything fear of being made fun of fear of almost everything on this journey to become who I really am it's terrifying


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      Hey there!

      I'm so glad you're able to tell the difference between the real you (your wants, needs, and desires) and the person you were conditioned to be. What may be considered more ?socially acceptable'...

      But like you said, before.. you don't want to sacrifice happiness. Ignoring your true self comes with many consequences (depression, anxiety, etc.) that I know you don't want anymore.

      That's why I'm glad you are building a support group. They are examples of people loving you for exactly who you are and are meant to be.

      I know it's hard to choose the life that doesn't ?conform? with society. You're sure to stand out, in one way or another. But standing out gives you a strength. And through that strength you can show others that their truest self is just as important.

      Many people will not understand major shifts in your existence... but I'm sure they could relate to the fact you want to express yourself in a more feminine way. We have a culture of toxic masculinity... and so many of people feel forced to present masculinely for acceptance.

      You are loved as the best version of yourself... and no one can tell you what your ?best version? looks like.




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        If you "don't mind being a guy" then you are PROBABLY not trans. If you experience dysphoria when it comes to being seen as male/presenting as male then you PROBABLY are trans. Hope that helps.


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          It sounded like she was feeling like she was just going through the motions and not living her life to the fullest. She was saying she wanted to be happy, more happy than she is now. I think that's admirable, and I think people should do what makes them happy, including you, JustaRandomPerson. If that means transitioning to be female, then I feel that is what should happen. I hope you find your version of happiness. Keep us updated!