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  • Coming out tips?

    I'm 14 and I was assigned female at birth, but I've discovered that I'm trans. I feel comfortable using male pronouns and a masculine name, but I'm not out to my parents due to them being transphobic.my mom is stubborn and I'm scarred she would kick me out, but I think my dad is catching on. He's noticed how I respond to some of his transphobic comments and hasn't made any recently, but I'm still scared to tell them. I'm mostly worried about being kicked out of the house by my mom, she really doesn't like the LGBT+ community in general, and made me sit in my room reading a bible for about an hour after I told her I thought I was bisexual (I've found out on my own that I'm not, I'm a gay trans male) and I don't have that much faith that she would use my preferred name and pronouns if she did let me stay in the house. Is there any advice you could give?

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    why hello i'm someone who will probably never come out because i don't know wut i am but i also don't care or feel like i need to tell anyway so like don't even worry bout it fam like just chill with ur pals and ur fine like when u 18 get the fuck outta there and don't look back but if u wanna stay in contact with ur fam then idk wut to tell ya because u may only be hurtin urself stickin round like that but u do wut i want like i ain't gonna stop u just like they can't stop u unless u let em so ya live ur life and don't feel like u need to come out cuz i still gonna be their kid tho like they can't really change that


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      Hello SmallAxoltol

      Welcome to our community.

      Do you have any of else to talk to that isn't your Mom or Dad? Especially if you feel you may not get the reaction you are hoping for from them. What was your process to 'finding out' about your identity, have you been working with a counsellor? If you have any fears for your safety then it may be worth waiting until you know you are in a safe position to do so.