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  • What do you wish the person who bullied you knew?

    Hey Community,

    Peach311 here, as someone who has gone through my own fair share of bullying i wanted to ask you all a question. 👇🏻

    What do you wish the person who is bullying/bullied you knew?

    For me it would be to a guy from school when i was 15/16. I wish you knew i already had such fragile self esteem, I already felt ugly and not good enough. I already felt painfully awkward around the opposite sex and it felt like you took a sledge hammer to what was a paper cut.

    Above all I wish you knew how it felt to be bullied by you. To be on the receiving end of your own cruel and toxic behaviour. But maybe you did because even though you said those words aloud to me they came from your voice and you had to live with that voice everyday and I bet you anything it said even worse things to you.

    Have a think, what would you like them, her or him to know?

    If you feel like it post back and share what you would say. 📝

    Sending support and positivity as always.

    -peach311 🌟'🌟

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    I wish they knew how much it hurts me and that even though I sometimes laugh it off or ignore it, I go home and it follows me there. It follows me to my bedroom, it makes me worry about how much food I eat, it stares back at me when I look in the mirror


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      Jake, it sounds like you may have some symptoms that could mean you are anorexic. I'm not a medical doctor, and I'm not qualified to give medical advice, but even if there is a small possibility, I HIGHLY recommend that you talk to someone about it.

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    I wish they knew that it took me ages to feel like myself again and that actually I was going through hell with my parents divorcing and life was hard enough. They made my life hell and never apologised for it. But for my own sanity i had to forgive them and let go of all that hurt and anger.

    So i guess treat people how you would like to be treated, don't be so spineless and hide behind each other. (It was a group of girls)


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      I wish they knew how much it hurts and how vulnerable they made me feel.I was hating myself for not be able to stop being bullied.I had changed 3 schools and only in the last one I wasn't bullied.I had changed also and had built a wall so as no one could touch me.I wasn't my self for many years.I had forgotten how it felt to be me.I wish they could feel how painful it was,so as to stop. When I go back when I was in school I still feel bitter.


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        Hey kora

        I get that, when you are bullied you end up feeling so negative towards yourself for not being able to make it stop. It was never ever your fault. You were never the problem. Even now being a bit older I find it so easy to feel bitter towards the guy that bullied me. Over the years I have learned I have to forgive him for my own sanity.

        It takes time to forgive and there is no short cut. Sharing our experiences is so good for us to deal with it properly. You can always talk about it here whenever you need to.