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  • Hey, guys

    I get bullied for not getting along with girls. Is that weird that I don't? They just don't seem to like me and I don't know why?

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    Heya Savvy!

    Thank you for sharing your experience! Know, it's completely okay if you don't get along with other girls. I know, for myself, I tend to enjoy activities that guys do, which doesn't offer many opportunities for building friendships with girls... but it's never a reason to get bullied.

    I was wondering-- is it the other girls that are bullying you? How have you responded to the bullying?

    It sounds like these people may not know how to relate to you. They might not understand why you wouldn't want to try to be friends with the girls.

    Here's an article that might be helpful for overcoming the bullying, as we learn how we can stop it. It's on mindfulness-- ways to continue to find the peace within yourself, even when other people's actions are meant to be hurtful:


    I hope this is a helpful start!



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      Thank you! I try to talk to girls but they just dont seem to understand me


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        Hey Savvy,

        Dang. I'm sorry!

        What kinds of things are you interested in? Maybe we can brainstorm on how you can find friends who are girls!