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  • Parent shaming child in school (bullying?)

    Parent goes to school and spends the entire day with the child, and makes it well known that they are there as a punishment to the child, and even goes so far as to wear eye-catching clothing that advertises this punishment, in an attempt to embarrass the child in front of their peers.

    My Thoughts: This is public shaming. This is bullying. This embarrassment does not teach the child anything other than to fear future shaming. THIS IS WRONG.

    Your thoughts???

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    I think the situation would need more context and information in order to make any comment on it. What parent and or child is it and what is your relationship to them? I agree that embarrassing children can not an effective way of punishment and can teach unhealthy habits around shame.

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      I don't think the identity of the parent or child matters. Nor does my relationship to them.

      I have experienced this before in my past, but my reason for being here now is because of another person posting this event on social media.

      Allegedly the child was acting out in school, and as a punishment the parent attended the school with their child for a day. Wearing the T-Shirt and making the most of the embarrassment. Then posted a picture on social media, which got lots of comments and shares.

      The parent in question is well aware of the humiliation this caused, and thinks it was for the better.


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        So many parents think they can do no wrong, and everything they do must be right because they do it out of love. So how can we talk to parents that we feel are bullying their child, without pushing them away from the conversation?


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          It's concerning that a school allowed this as it would appear that a valuable learning opportunity was lost as it is likely the child will be left with feelings of shame, even if that was not the intention.