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  • What do I do?

    I’m questioning my sexuality right now. I’m really confused if I am bisexual or straight. I am not really physically attracted to the same gender, but am still attracted to the same gender. Does that mean I am bi? I am also struggling with body image issues. I was really close to possibly becoming bulimic. My mood has gone way down because I hate my body. It has become really bad and I can’t talk to anyone about it. What should I do?

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    Hello Nasha

    Welcome to the community, it's totally normal to question your sexuality throughout your teens so feel free to explore with an open mind, it sounds like you don't quite know yet which is fine but as time goes on and you carry on exploring your sexuality it will beecome clearer for you. It may be that you are bisexual but it may be that you're not.

    So many of us struggle with body image issues and self love takes lots of work and challenging those negative thoughts. The fact that you have recognised that you could have disordered eating is a really good sign, you can talk to us here whenever you want just remember you are beautiful and you don't need to change anything.